Clean Breeze


Check out this authentic Scentsy scented wax melts called “Clean Breeze”. This Scentsy bar was introduced with the laundry products, but it’s a terrific home fragrance, especially after cleaning the home. Kind of smells like flowers in the spring time, but most of all it reminds of fresh, clean scented laundry. Comes in a 2.6 oz package of 8 cubes.

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Yes, we love this Clean Breeze scented wax and many others feel the same. I use the wax in my wax warmers, the “Scentsy Clean” laundry detergent, and the Clean scent pods in my air purifier and cordless warmers. Do I use it all the time? No, I typically use it a few days per month, usually after cleaning the house. I just depends on my mood, the season, etc.

I’m interested how others choose their fragrances. I use different scents for Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring. Then, for special occasions or guests, I choose whatever fits at the time.