Coconut Lemongrass


Our Coconut Lemongrass scented wax is a long time favorite fragrance for many of our customers. As you might expect, it smells just like coconuts and lemongrass! Place an order for this 2.6 oz package with 8 cubes of wax.

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Coconut Lemongrass scented wax is another one of those fresh, clean fragrances, perfect to warm on those otherwise tedious house cleaning days. In fact, our friend is a house cleaner and this is one of her favorites. She doesn’t leave wax warming in a clients home, but instead she brings her mini fan diffuser and uses her coconut lemongrass scent pods. We’re so pleased Scentsy provides us with multiple ways to create home fragrances, making it easy to enjoy our favorite fragrances in any situation.

If our Coconut Lemongrass scented wax isn’t the scented wax¬†for you, we have plenty more from which to choose. We carry over 80¬†different scented wax fragrances and all are available to order online today!