Blue Grotto


Authentic Scentsy Wax Bar called Blue Grotto. It smells kind of like a gorgeous day on a tropical island or fruit and greenery and flower fragrances. Place an order today for a 2.6 oz package.

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Blue Grotto has turned out to be a customer favorite and has now become a staple fragrance at Scentsy. Yep, it ranks right up there with some of the top selling fragrances.

My husband and I were recently selling scented wax at a 2 day local boutique, but were so surprised our Blue Grotto wax sold out on the first day. Ever since, we make sure to bring enough for all our customers.

When we host a booth a live events, we always have all the latest sample scent testers. Customers love smelling all the samples because it gives them confidence in their decision of which scented wax to buy. That’s one of the downsides to buying fragrance products online. It’s not really possible to be sure of choosing the right scents, so most just make a choice and hope for the best.

We are considering a special FREE service offering customers to choose up to 5 fragrances they would like to smell. We would then mail them an envelope, with 5 small packages, each with a tiny piece of scented wax. They can then test on their own and come back to buy. I betcha, Blue Grotto wax would end up being a top 5 seller.