Authentic Scentsy scented wax melt called “Luna”! Originally called a Luna Scentsy Bar, the scent reminds of white carnations with some jasmine, berries and a touch of sandalwood. My husband’s favorite fragrance! Place your order today.

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As mentioned, my husband loves this Luna fragrance. Of course, we like using the wax in our warmers but he likes using the Luna Bath Soak in the bathtub! Although Luna is not an original Scentsy fragrance, it’s been around for a number of years and is much desired, especially by our regular customers. Newer customers are not sure what to make of it, but once they try it, they usually come back for more.

Don’t forget to bundle and save when buying Scentsy scented wax. You can buy 6 Scentsy Bars for the price of 5, so it’s like getting one free! What a deal! You might as well go for the bundle deal. Why? You know you’re going to need more wax so you might as well get the most for your money! Also, you can mix and match fragrances. For instance, you can get 1 Luna wax melt, 1 Mystery Man, 1 Welcome Home, 2 Black Raspberry Vanilla and 1 Coconut Lemongrass. You get the idea. Enjoy!

NOTE: Please don’t be confused over our terminology for scented wax. We scented wax is referred to as Scentsy Bars, Wax Melts or just, scented wax.