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Scentsy Fragrance Flowers Questions and Answers

We love these new Scentsy Flowers and they proved to be a unique new graduation gift this year. I gifted some to my granddaughters for their graduation and they loved them! Of course, they had questions so we are sharing this list of FAQ’s, written almost exactly as Scentsy provides in their FAQ’s.

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Fragrance Flower Questions & Answers

How is the Fragrance Flower crafted?
The Fragrance Flower is handcrafted from sola wood, a material derived from Cassava, a tropical plant
native to Asian countries such as India and Thailand.

How much oil is in the jar?
3 fl. oz. (88 mL)

How long does the scent in the Fragrance Flower last?
The Fragrance Flower will release scent for up to 60 days. Please note, the flower continues to release
fragrance even after the oil is completely absorbed.

What is included with the Fragrance Flower and how do I use it?
The Fragrance Flower comes with everything you need, including one jar of fragrance oil, one decorative
cap and one handcrafted Fragrance Flower.

Instructions for Use

  1. Remove placeholder cap and plug from top of bottle.
  2. Attach decorative cap.
  3. Remove paper tape from end of wick.
  4. Remove flower from protective box.
  5. Insert flower into top of decorative cap.
  6. Enjoy!

More Useful Information

Keep in mind, the flower continues to release fragrance even after the oil has been completely

Why is there a slight size difference between the two Fragrance Flowers I purchased?
Scentsy Fragrance Flowers are handcrafted, so no two are exactly alike. Artisans shape each flower from
natural materials, creating unique pieces of décor that normally vary in size.

Additionally, the color and details of each flower may vary but this has no impact its quality.

Does the flower’s size affect its performance?
Scentsy tested flowers across a range of sizes, and regardless of size, they absorb the same amount of
fragrance to deliver a consistent experience. Every Fragrance Flower looks lovely and releases beautiful
scent for up to 60 days.

I’ve seen pics of people adding food coloring to the Fragrance Flower. Does that void the
satisfaction guarantee or warranty?
The satisfaction exchange is void if the product is altered. The product warranty is only void if adding
food coloring caused the failure.

Scentsy Flowers Safety Info

Where can I find the warnings and safety information for this product?

Be sure to READ the disclaimer is on the bottom of the box.
WARNING: Read label before use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. If skin irritation or a rash occurs: Get medical attention/advice. Avoid release to environment. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations. This product contains fragrance oils that may cause damage to fabrics and other surfaces; avoid contact with such. For use with authentic Scentsy products only.

Additional Information
Is the Fragrance Flower recyclable? How do I dispose of the product?
Given that recycling rules vary by area, we suggest that you reference your local laws or recycling center.

Where can I find the fragrance oil ingredients?
This information is on the bottom of the box (note that ingredients vary by fragrance). If you no longer have your box we suggest contacting your consultant and requesting the FAQ sheet containing the specific ingredients.

What type of fragrance oil is used?
The Fragrance Flower oil is formulated with both synthetic and natural ingredients to achieve the best fragrance experience possible.

Why is the oil in my fragrance flower discolored?
The oil in the Fragrance Flower may appear more yellow than the product images or other Fragrance Flower oils because it contains natural citrus ingredients that can vary in color. This is a natural quality of the oil and does not affect the fragrance or performance of the product.

Can I add the Fragrance Flower to Scentsy Club?

Can I purchase replacement flowers or oil refills?
No. There is no need for a replacement or refill. Because the Fragrance Flower will absorb all the oil in the jar, there will not be any left over for another flower to be used. Additionally, once the Fragrance Flower absorbs all the oil in the jar, adding more oil would not provide the same fragrance experience. Once the flower has stopped releasing fragrance, you can dispose of the entire unit.

What should I do if the petals fall off or are drooping?
It is normal for flower petals to droop due to the weight of the absorbed fragrance oil. It is also normal for a petal or two to fall off; however, if multiple petals fall off or droop, please contact your consultant for a replacement.


  1. Amanda on March 13, 2022 at 11:13 am

    Someone gave me fragrance flower how do I find out what scent it is? It don’t say on bottle only has a #2 on the bottom.

    • Pete Gregory on March 15, 2022 at 7:41 am

      Hi Amanda,

      Sorry, but I have no answer for you. All Scentsy Flowers come in a package with the fragrance clearly displayed. In your case, we can only suggest to let your nose tell you.

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