What’s With the Scentsy Mustache Warmer?

Scentsy MNustache Warmer from 2013

This mustache warmer came out back around 2013 and as a less than trendy Scentsy consultant husband, I was just wondering what’s all the excitement with this Mustache Warmer? Of course, my Scentsy consultant wife showed me the warmer with the mustache on it, but I really didn’t think anything about it. I assumed it was some sort of Father’s Day novelty! Finally, almost six weeks after Scentsy released the warmer for sale, it finally clicked! This mustache thing is a fad! It’s some trendy thing having nothing to do with me and reserved only for those persons much more hip and slick than I will ever be. Now I’m thinking, maybe I’m wrong! After all, I’ve had a mustache for years. For once I’m years ahead of the trend setters. Heck, maybe it was me who started the trend! That’s highly doubtful, but I bet I had a mustache before most of these trend setters we’re even born! Ha ha!

Mustache Warmer UPDATE:

It’s nearly 2017 and this Mustache warmer has been discontinued for quite a while. If you’re like me and always behind the trends, there’s no need to worry.  Check out discontinued products on clearance and save on Scentsy

Scentsy – The Forever Trend

One thing I know for sure is, we’re making money selling Scentsy warmers and fragrances. Of course, we do quite well selling all the Scentsy products. The fact is, our Scentsy warmers are a forever trend and those without our aromatic warmers might be missing the boat. The good news is, it’s never too late! Our Scentsy boat docks throughout a good portion of the world almost every single day! We have new customers buying our products from all over, and not just the silly mustache warmers.

Scentsy Husband With Mustache Shares Favorite Scentsy Basics

The classic Scentsy designs are still just as popular than ever and my personal favorites. As a NOT trendy Scentsy husband, with a cool mustache haha, I’m in awe of the stylish and trendy designs, but I’m most impressed with the traditional designs!

Just in case you live in a cave and never heard of Scentsy, here’s an explanation. Scentsy warmers are safe because there’s no flame, no soot, no smoke and no lead. Our scented wax is low allergen, fresh, clean, and I believe them to be the most aromatic fragrances available in the world. There’s more! The warmers are unique, stylish, trendy, well made and very reasonably priced.

Being a Scentsy customer is cool, but being a Scentsy Independent Consultant is even better! It’s fun, profitable and a great way to travel, meet new friends, and be a part of the Scentsy Family. It’s just $99 to join and you’re all set to go. My wife had her reasons for joining Scentsy and I’m glad she did!

So, we hope you’re happy to finally learn, what’s with the Scentsy Mustache candle warmer!