"Blast Off" With Scentsy Space Alien Mary

Scentsy Blast Off Warmer

Now is the perfect time to “Blast Off” with Space Alien Mary Gregory, and check out this cute candle warmer.

UPDATE 2016: Unfortunately, this Blast Off warmer has been discontinued. Even still, Scentsy continues to come out with the most unique and top quality fragrance delivery systems ever. Take a look at the most recent warmers available¬†and I’m sure you’ll find something awesome!

Scentsy Consultant/Teacher Mary Plays Dress Up

Hi, it’s Mary Gregory here. As a consultant and a home child care provider, everyone knows I like playing dress up with my pre-school kids. Dressing up as a Space Alien was the perfect opportunity to share the “Blast Off” Scentsy candle warmer and my space alien costume, all at the same time! Seriously though, the Blast Off Warmer would make the perfect home decoration for a kids bedroom, while keeping the room smelling Scentsy fresh and clean!

Perfect for Child’s Bedroom

In fact, Scentsy makes the most beautiful warmers in the world and spare no expense to provide us with quality products that have both style and originality. The cute “Blast Off” warmer looks like a rocket ship and it’s been specially made to fit with decor for a child’s bedroom. Even though this super cool warmer is no longer available, we still have many products specifically geared toward children. In fact, we have managed to decorate every room in our home, including all three bathrooms and the bedrooms. With such a wide variety of trendy warmers available in so many colors, it’s hard to imagine any home decor that couldn’t be enhanced when matched with a Scentsy candle warmer.

Room Decoration and Fragrances

Another important factor when decorating any room, is the smell. Designers know how important it is to match the room design with a perfect matching fragrance. When decorating a home, if you can somehow compliment the visual aspects of the design with a perfect fragrance, it can result something very special. When a designer is able to enhance their creativeness by stimulating the senses of their viewers, they will likely achieve greatness in their designs. Scentsy provides plenty of opportunity for anyone to enhance the look and feel of any home or office, and you don’t have to be a professional decorator to achieve success.

Absolutely, no one does wickless candles and fragrances like Scentsy! If you’re planning to decorate a home or office, don’t miss all the many different themed warmers and fragrances available in the Scentsy Product Catalog!

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