Trendy Scentsy Products in 2014

Trendy Scentsy Warmers in 2014

Here is an overview of some of the trendy new Scentsy candle warmers for Spring Summer 2014. Many are no longer available, but a few are. Check out all the latest by viewing the Scentsy product catalog.

The new Scentsy warmers are lovely, trendy, and we have some amazing new aromatic scented wax bars as well. As usual, Scentsy has again outdone itself by leading the way and setting home fragrance trends every year. We’re sure our regular and new customers will love stylish and trendy new warmers and fragrances.

UPDATE: Depending on when you’re reading this post, it’s very possible the warmers displayed are no longer available or in production. Often though, Scentsy comes out with a similar warmer or fragrance to replace the original version, but with a new name. For instance, the little owl warmer is no longer available but we have at least one other owl themed warmer. Rest assured, Scentsy continues to lead the home fragrance industry by producing the most contemporary, unique and trendy products today.

Example of Owl Themed Warmer Trends Through the Years

old and new owl themed candle warmers

Partial List of the Trendy New Wickless Candle Warmers, Silhouette Wraps and Gallery Frames

  • Brand New Shadow Collection – Similar to the Silhouette Collection but the shade frame is inset
  • Owlet Warmer – Cute as can be!
  • New White Crackle Tulip Shade Warmer has been added to our Lampshade Collection
  • New Gallery Collection Frames
  • Four New Silhouette Wraps
  • Elegant New Bronze Vine Night Light Warmer
  • Rustic Bloom Premium Warmer – Very Cute!
  • New Zen Rock Element Warmer – This might be the hit of the season and the start of a new trend!
  • There is much more, so have a look at the catalog and enjoy.
Scentsy Fragrances of 2014

New Scented Wax Scentsy Bars – Trendy Spring and Summer Fragrances

  • By the Sea – a scent of ocean air
  • Lemon Verbena – fresh lemon zest, kaffir lime & verbena lime
  • Polynesian Dreams – honeydew, kiwi, papaya, hibiscus
  • Red Candy Apple
  • Atlas Cedar – oh, my husband will like this one
  • Zen Garden – honeydew, freesia & water lotus
  • Many more so be sure to see the catalog displaying all the trendy Scentsy products

 The list above highlights only some of the new products for this spring and summer 2014 season.

Portion of the Proceeds go to Good Cause

Scentsy almost always has specific products in which a portion of the proceeds are donated to a good cause. These products and charities change through the years, but being a consultant has taught us to follow Scentsy’s example of giving more than we take!

If you’re looking for Scentsy Replacement Bulbs, we’ve got plenty available for just $2 each or 3 for $5! We also have replacement dishes or lids for many warmers.

As a Scentsy independent consultant I appreciate all Scentsy does to keep with the trends for new home fragrance products. Honestly, it makes my job of sharing and selling so much easier! If you enjoy the trendy scented candles and fragrances, consider becoming a consultant. It’s only just $99 to join you’re all set to start selling!

We hope you enjoyed learning of the trendy new Scentsy products for 2014!

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