Scentsy Consultant in Santa Clarita

Scentsy in Santa Clarita

Mary Gregory is a Scentsy consultant located in Santa Clarita. If you’re in Santa Clarita, and searching for Scentsy you need go no further! You may call or text Mary Gregory directly at 661-210-7617. Alternatively you can shop right now online for the entire Scentsy product line. Scentsy makes for a unique and reasonably priced gift idea. It’s even possible it will make your Santa Clarita home or office smell even better than it looks!

What is Scentsy

Back in 2011 when this post was first published, most people were unfamiliar with Scentsy and we had to explain on nearly every post. Since then, Scentsy has become very well known and it’s not often we meet someone who’s never heard of Scentsy or a flameless candle. In fact, Scentsy is now considered to be a generic term for anything related to flameless or wickless candles and home fragrances.

Regardless, if you don’t know about Scentsy, here goes! Scentsy is like a candle but it’s not! It’s simply a better and safer way to enjoy your favorite fragrance. There’s no flame, no wick, no soot, no lead, and safe around kids and pets. Nowadays, we have traditional wax warmers intended to be placed on a tabletop or smaller warmers to plug directly into a wall outlet. We also have battery operated warmers and air fan diffusers. Then we have traditional oil diffusers. All are stylish, well made, trendy and the price is not bad, considering the quality. Yep, you can get cheap knockoffs, but it’s NOT authentic Scentsy.

We also have the traditional scented wax and scent pods,is available in over eighty fragrances, so there something for everyone.

Example of Scentsy Start Up Kit

More Scentsy Fragrance Products
Scentsy now makes fragrance products for your body, laundry, kids, car, bags and even your dogs! After my new scented air purifiers and traditional warmers, my personal favorite is the amazing bath soak. There’s nothing better than a nice warm bath, especially after a hard days work. I have stocked up on boxes of bath soak just for myself and use it almost daily! Of course, I have warmers in every room of our home.

Where to Buy Scentsy

Scentsy Wickless is not available in stores and is only available through a Scentsy Independent Consultant. As luck would have it, I’m that Consultant and you may contact me, Mary Gregory me by sending a text to 661-210-7617. Please browse this website to buy or just learn all about scentsy. I have published a ton of helpful information and even better, I’ve revealed how to shop Scentsy smart and SAVE!

Host a Party to Earn Free Product Credits and Host Rewards

Hosting a Catalog Party is a great way to earn FREE and DISCOUNTED Scentsy products. If you are local in SCV I’ll loan you a Party in a Box. I no longer do home parties mostly because most folks prefer virtual Scentsy parties. Even though the home parties are great fun, even since Covid it seems people love the virtual better.

Sell Scentsy and Earn Additional Income

Mary Gregory Scentsy Director

If you’re interested in becoming a consultant and leading your own Scentsy team, contact us! If you want, you can just get started and join right now. The cost to get started is only $99.00 plus tax and shipping. Scentsy is still the best party plan company in the USA! Why? Because everyone loves the products and they have a proven success system already in place. All the training, tools and branded materials you need to run your business is provided!

Thank you for visiting and please know, you are always welcome!

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