See What’s Inside Scentsy Party in a Box

Host a Party in a Box

In the video below, I provide a short demonstration so you can see what’s inside the Scentsy Party in a Box! Basically, a Party in a Box is  Catalog Party and it enables you to host a party and earn rewards without having a traditional home party.

Please keep in mind, the party contents are continually changing and not all parties will receive the exact same contents as shown in the video.

UPDATE 2020 – We really like offering these remote parties, but we have been scammed in the past when the party host decided to keep the party demonstration products. Moving forward, unless you are willing to provide a refundable deposit, these parties are reserved for past customers, family members or referrals from trusted customers. If I don’t know you, I can still set you up with a catalog party without the deposit. In fact, nowadays, most of the parties are all virtual. Since nearly everyone already has a pretty good idea of what the various fragrances smell like, many don’t even use testers.

Video – Party in a Box

The host rewards amounts discussed in the video are outdated! Please scroll down to see the most recent rewards schedule.

Scentsy Fragrance warmers are more popular than ever and many people like to host parties while earning the host rewards! If you love Scentsy and would like to host a party, but don’t want to host a home party, you could host a Scentsy party in a box. You still have the exact same opportunity to earn the host rewards, but no one comes to your home.

Even if you don’t elect to have the box shipped, you still share the products virtually, take the orders, and we process them. After a week or two, you email us the completed order forms and we process the orders. In fact, you don’t even need to take orders. Just send your guests to the link provided and they can place their own orders within your party. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Sharing the Scentsy products is fun, simple, and a great way to earn free and discounted products.

Setting Up Your Party

If I don’t know you and you really want a box party, the only I can ship you a party box is if you provide full deposit in advance. The cost must cover the contents of the box, including shipping costs. When you return the box, I’ll refund your deposit.

Party in a Box Host Rewards

On occasion the party host rewards change so please contact me to discuss the current rewards. In order to be eligible to earn rewards your total party orders must equal at least $200, BEFORE tax and shipping costs. Then, the higher your orders, the more rewards you earn. here are the highlights:

SalesPotential Host Rewards*
$200$20 credit + 1 half-priced credits
$350$35 credit + 2 half-priced credits
$500$75 credit + 3 half-priced credits
$1000$150 credit + 4 half-priced credits
*Apply your credits to just about any product you love

When you’re done with your party, try to pass the “Party in a Box” on to someone else. That way, you don’t have to send it back and you earn one extra 1/2 off perpetual reward. Before passing the box the new host must pay the deposit. Once I receive their deposit, yours will be refunded.