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I was looking through a past issue of Whole Living magazine and found an interesting article about our senses, and how we can actually improve our sense of smell. I know how different scents can trigger our memories and emotions, but it’s interesting to know we can actually improve our sense of smell! Take a look at this short video and read below to learn more!

As a Scentsy Consultant, it’s important to continue learning everything possible about our sense of smell. The more I learn, the more helpful I can be to my customers. The Whole Living article suggests you treat yourself to a smell challenge on a regular basis and it’s likely your sense of smell will improve! Here’s one way to do that:

The article suggests we plug in to the world around us and give our five senses a workout. Power up your favorite Scentsy candle warmer, place some of your preferred scented wax. In a few minutes you’ll be enjoying your favorite fragrance and improving your sense of smell.

Our sense of smell is a mainline to our emotions and memories. For example, the aroma of sugar cookies that could take you right back to grandma’s kitchen. By the way, Scentsy actually had a Sugar Cookie wax fragrance.  The Director of the Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago states, “If you sniff things regularly, you can develop receptors for those odors, and improve your sense of smell.”

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    1. Hi Vessie!

      The Scentsy wax bars are a actually a low allergin food paraffin product. Also containing essential oils, it’s a great product to try out if there’s someone in your household that is sensitive to various scents. Since there’s over 80 fragrances available, chances are, you’ll find one that works! Pete suffers from seasonal allergies but has no problems with any of the Scentsy products! There’s much less chance of problems with Scentsy because there no smoke or soot. It’s certainly worth a try and your home will smell great!

      Scentsy Wickless Candle ingredients are proprietary secrets, but Scentsy does use food grade paraffin to begin manufacturing their products, then loads them heavily with the scented oils they use. Because the ingredients are proprietary secrets, one can’t be sure if a certain scent is natural or synthetic. I would advise someone with allergies to be careful in selecting a scent that will not irritate their allergies, whether they are buying candles, perfumes, room sprays, etc. I would also advise someone with asthma to try a Scentsy warmer or a small nite light warmer and try a scent, because Scentsy does have a 30 day money back guarantee. But I must say that in the nearly two years I’ve been a Scentsy Wickless Candle consultant, I have not had anyone return products because they couldn’t use them or because they didn’t like them. Try Scentsy. I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

      Candles with wicks often generate smoke, dirt, and disperse lead particles into the air along with the scent. Just look at a candle in a jar the next time you see one in someone’s home? The inside of the glass will be filled with soot and smoke residue. The next time the candle is lit, someone will more than likely see a good bit of black smoke, at least for a while. Where does that go? It goes into the air they are breathing. That doesn’t happen with Scentsy Wickless Candles. The wax never comes into contact with the source of heat, and there are no wicks with or without lead cores to generate smoke, either.

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