Luna Dryer Disks


Luna Dryer Disks are scented with jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia. Then, add a small bit of berries, and sandalwood. This one is a favorite of many Scentsy men! Comes with 2 disks per box and each disk good for up to 15 loads.

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Luna has become a customer favorite and is one of my husbands favorite scents. Needless to say, I keep him well stocked so he uses Luna in his car, shower and I often use it in the laundry as well. What makes this one so popular? I think because it’s very subtle. In fact, if you like strong scents, you probably won’t be happy with Luna. Even so, Luna Dryer Disks are worth a try and you might be surprised as your positive reaction when your clothes come out of the dryer.