Clothesline Dryer Disks


Add a Scentsy Clothesline Dryer Disk directly into your dryer on top of your clothing and you’re clothes will come out smelling like greens and flowers on a spring day! Each box contains 2 disks.

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If you like outdoor fragrances you’ll enjoy using the Scentsy Clothesline Dryer Disk while doing your laundry. Easy to use, simply drop the small scented dryer disk into your dryer along with the laundry. Once your clothes are dry they’ll smell as if they were hung out to dry on a clothesline.

The Clothesline fragrance is a combination of greens along with orange and violet flowers combined with the slight fragrance of wicker. The end result is, your clothes will smell as if they dried outdoors on a gorgeous spring day, as opposed to your dryer!

Reasonably priced at $7 for one box containing two disks, each Clothesline disk or bar lasts for approximately 15 dryer loads. By the way, if you want your laundry to really smell amazing, combine it with some of our other amazing Scentsy laundry products.