Black Raspberry Vanilla

Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Bar


Product Brief Description

Our most popular scented wax is now available for your clothes! Buy a box of two Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disks, place one disk on top of your clothes, turn on the dryer and your clothes will smell amazing! Just $7!

Additional Product Information

Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disks will make your clothes smell extra special. Just drop a disk or bar on top of your clothes before turning on the dryer, and they’ll come out smelling like black raspberry and vanilla.

Did you know, this fragrance has been a long time number one Scentsy home fragrance. So, Scentsy gave our customers the very same fragrance so our clothes now smell as good as our home.

BTW, if you really want to get this right, we recommend combining the dryer disks with our other Black Raspberry Vanilla laundry products. Now your clothes will smell aromatic, just like your home!