Scentsy is the Perfect Graduation Gift

Scentsy Warmer and Laundry Products

Scentsy wickless candles make for a perfect graduation gift, especially if the student is college bound and will living in a dorm or an off campus apartment. First, students are extremely busy and even though they may love scented candles, using an open flame is not safe. We all know it’s way to easy to get busy and forget to extinguish the flame when leaving. With Scentsy, that’s not a problem because there is no flame. If you walk off and forget to turn it off, there’s no safety hazard.

Use Scentsy Scented Wax to Combat Dorm Odors

Also, if the student will be moving in a dorm they are going to need some fine fragrances to cover up the odors. As we said, students are busy people and laundry is not on the top of their priority list. Scentsy makes over 80 of the most popular fragrances in the world and $5 for a Scentsy bar is surely a bargain.

If you are planning to buy a graduation gift, you can’t go wrong with Scentsy. The warmers and fragrances are extremely popular, unique and best of all, reasonably priced. You can buy a cute nightlight warmer and enough scented wax to last nearly 160 hours for around $30, plus tax and shipping.

Students Can Earn Extra Money By Selling Scentsy

Scentsy’s a very nice gift for high school grads and it’s especially popular among young women. Most of us truly enjoy home fragrances and for a future college student, our scented wax is a life saver. Then, if the new grad is looking for a way to earn a few bucks while going to school, selling Scentsy is a pretty good option. We know for a fact that fragrances and scented candles are especially appealing to young women. That being said, selling Scentsy is really nothing more than sharing with your friends. You don’t have to buy any products or handle any shipping. Just share the product samples, place the orders and earn a commission. That’s it!

Selling Scentsy is fun and there’s no experience needed.Students can choose their own hours and there’s no boss. Really, it’s just about being social and sharing the products with your friends. You never know, but by giving Scentsy as a gift to a new college student, you might just be contributing to their future financial success.

More About Joining Scentsy

Have a look at our recent post explaining some reasons for joining Scentsy. Of course, it’s NOT for everyone and it’s best if you are at least somewhat social. In fact, I’ve seen very shy girls become hugely successful selling Scentsy. One thing is, the products really are quite popular and it’s fun to share the fragrances with each other. I think, just carrying a few of the scent testers provides for the perfect opportunity and ice breaker. People love the delicious aromatic fragrances.

It’s just $99.00 to join and you get your starter kit, including an e-commerce website. If you join with me I’ll sponsor you and teach you the ropes. Contact Mary today.

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I want to wish you the very best of luck with future education plans, and should you decide to join Scentsy, I would love to have you on my team. Scentsy provides all the training needed to help you achieve your goals and move forward.