Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month for November 2014

Scentsy Cardinal Warmer in Nov 2014
Cardinal Element Warmer

Once again we are pleased to share another monthly special, the Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month for November, 2014! The warmer this month is called Cardinal. It’s a cute little element warmer created in the likeness of one of our little bird friends, a Cardinal! A classic sign of winter, the lovely and graceful red Cardinal will bring cheer to your home throughout the holiday season and beyond. You’ll want to display this one-piece element warmer long after the last snow. We displayed this Cardinal warmer at our first Holiday Boutique of the season and it those attending had positive comments. Four customers placed orders!

UPDATE: This warmer and scent is no longer available. See more warmers of the month or visit our shop to for the latest authentic Scentsy candle warmers.

An Old Favorite

Even though the Cardinal element warmer or the Very Snowy Spruce fragrance is no longer available, it’s still find to look back and see the old favorites. Also, this Cardinal warmer was the very first of the element warmers to be presented as a warmer of the month, so that’s kind of cool.

Nov 2014 Scent of the Month – Very Snowy Spruce

Scentsy SOTM for Nov 2014

The Scent of the Month is Very Snowy Spruce! It’s a perfect fragrance for any home or office during this holiday season. It smells like the forest in the winter with a mix of spruce, cedar and pine cones. Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a 10% discount.

The Scentsy scent of the Month for November is available in our products as follows:

  • Very Snowy Spruce Scented Wax
  • Very Snowy Spruce Room Spray
  • Very Snowy Spruce Scent Circles. Perfect to hang on the Christmas tree!

What is a Scentsy Element Warmer?

For those of you wondering what an Scentsy Element warmer is, it is basically just like any other traditional tabletop warmer, but there is no light bulb. The warmer works exactly the same, but without the bulb. The wax is heated perfectly using a built in heating element! The up side is, there are no light bulbs to replace. The down side is, there is no light illumination. Actually, some of our customers prefer no light, but most really like the lighting.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month for Nov 2014!