Scentsy Warmer of the Month

Each month Scentsy introduces a brand new, trendy Warmer and Scent of the Month. Usually these products are offered at a special 10% discount during the promotional month only. This enables all to stay current with the latest in home decor and fragrances, but at reduced prices.

See below some of the most beautiful and creative warmers on the market enabling those interested to keep up to date with the latest in fragrance delivery systems and aromatic home fragrances. FYI, the warmers and scents are usually only available for a limited time and most are discontinued after a few months. Find more warmers currently available here. Enjoy…

Are The WOTM & SOTM Posts Up To Date?

Sorry, but we do not publish the warmers of the month, every month. In fact, we stopped publishing for quite a long time, mostly because Scentsy usually does NOT keep the products available for long. This is disappointing to customers seeing products that are NOT really available. Moving forward, we only publish the warmers of the month if we think it’s something especially of interest to our visitors and customers.

The problem is, usually Scentsy only carries the WOTM and SOTM for a relatively short time. Once they are all sold, they usually are not offered again. It’s disappointing to see a product you like only to discover it cannot be purchased. This why we stopped publishing this monthly promotion.

It’s kind of funny, because if you go back and have a look at some of our past published Warmer of the Month posts, you’ll find we repeatedly state something to the effect of, this new warmer or scent of the month is the best ever! Well, looking back the warmers and scents really do get more unique and creative.

Scentsy Fragrance Delivery Systems the BEST Ever!

It’s not likely you will not find any other fragrance delivery systems that can keep up with Scentsy. The quality is top notch, the styles and designs are always trendy and if you look at the latest in interior design, authentic Scentsy will fit right in.

Well, we hope you enjoy looking back. Keep in mind, most of the older warmers and fragrances are no longer available, but some are! In fact, if you don’t see one still available, chances are you can find a similar product, but a new and modern version or design.