Scentsy Warmer & Scent of the Month for July 2013

Scentsy Lighthouse Warmer from 2013

In the summer of 2013 Scentsy has revealed Lighthouse as the warmer of the month for July 2013 The premium full size warmer is just a beauty! As a collector of all things having to do with lighthouses, I’m especially excited about this new candle warmer! ┬áIt’s a towering lighthouse perched on a rocky seashore, promising a safe journey. Lighthouse captures a windswept landmark from it’s navy and white stripes to it’s window shutters and front door. The warmer dish is cleverly hidden inside lighthouse’s beacon.

UPDATE: This warmer is sadly, long past. I love lighthouses and have been collecting them since back in 70’s, so I’m just happy I’ve got my Scentsy Lighthouse warmer. Perhaps a new one will be released in the future.

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July 2013 Scent of the Month is Watermelon Mint

july 2013 scent of the month

The scent of the month is a new fragrance called “Watermelon Mint”! A chilled slice of sweet watermelon, sprinkles with bracing fresh mint, makes a refreshing summer treat. This proves once again, no one does wickless candles scented wax fragrances like Scentsy. Thank you Scentsy for helping us start off this new summer season of wonderful memories. Available right now, you can buy your Watermelon Mint” Scentsy Bar for 10% off during this July promotional month.

UPDATE: Of course, this fragrance is no longer available but with well over 80 different fragrances available, you are sure to find a similar scent always available in our shop.

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