Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month for Feb 2014

Scentsy Rooster Warmer Called Chanticler

Cock a Doodle Do! It’s our favorite time of the month again and as always, we’re pleased to share the Scentsy Warmer and the Scent of the Month for February 2014. This warmer is a large full size wax warmer called Chanticler and the scented wax is Sparkling Citrus Pear. The warmer uses a 20 watt bulb instead of the normal 25 watt, and looks just like a Rooster!

UPDATE: This special offer has long since expired and the Rooster warmer is no longer available. We have plenty more trendy warmers available here.

Chanticler is a Rooster warmer and it’s quite a bit larger than the typical full size warmer. It will fit perfectly with any barnyard, ranch or farm styled home decor. The ceramic style warmer is not the translucent type, but does have some small holes at the front and the back to allow for a classy touch of illumination. Honestly, we say this all the time, but Scentsy continues to provide us with high quality products that are also unique, stylish, safe and user friendly.

Scent of the Month

Scentsy SOTM for Feb 2014

Because we all have a different sense of smell, it’s always difficult to explain what a particular scented was fragrance smells like. Regardless, we’ll give it a try with the Scent of the Month, Sparkling Citrus Pear. We think it’s a very unique fragrance and reminds us of a clean and snappy citrus-lemon scent. The Scentsy handout says, “Sweet nashi pear, enlivened by citrus zest and bright lemon verbena.” The best suggestion we can give is, go ahead and buy one and give it a try. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Buy the WOTM and SOTM and Save 10% in February 2014

Since the promotional period ended long ago, it’s no longer possible to purchase the WOTM and SOTM. If looking for ways to save when buying Scentsy, Mary Gregory has revealed all the best deals Scentsy has to offer, every day of the week.