Scented Skin Products for Men and Women

If You Like Scentsy You’ll LOVE the Lip Balm

We no longer carry the Lip Balm or any of the old Layers Products however we do offer a nice line of scented Scentsy Body and Skincare Products.

Scentsy Body Products

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The Products Described Below are No Longer Available

“Layers by Scentsy” Lip Balm WAS just one of the many new products that hit the market with the arrival of the Spring/Summer Catalog of 2013, and they were an immediate hit. They tasted great and of course, smelled wonderful! Unfortunately, these products are no longer available but at the time they were available in two flavors, Havana Cabana or Rio Beach and priced at just $7 each. They did last almost forever!

SCENTSY PRODUCT UPDATE 2017: In case you don’t know, the Layer’s Lip Balm is no longer available. Scentsy does provide a great line of similar products for both men and women that are turning out to be quite popular among our customers. Have a look and be sure to give them a try, today.

The Latest Scentsy Products for Men and Women

For Men

The latest Scentsy products for men include Cream Shave Soap, Skin conditioner, Face Balm and Shower Bars. All are available now but who really knows exactly how long they will continue in production.

For Women

The women’s skin care products include Fine Fragrance Rollers, Body Wash, Hand Cream and Body Souffle. Again, they are all available now and seem to be quite popular, but these products have changed in the past and we wouldn’t be surprised if they were replaced or removed from production again in the future.

Our regular customers have been ordering ordering and we’ve been busy adding this to a good portion of our orders. The new skin care products are turning out to be a favorite product and we just hope they don’t run out! If you should need any help with your order please contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you in any way possible. Enjoy!

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