Have You Ever Heard Of Scentsy?

Scentsy Better Together Warmer and Scented Wax

Have you ever heard of Scentsy? Certainly, back in 2012 when we first wrote this post, many people had not yet heard of Scentsy. I remember, friends would visit our home and say, “what smells so good?” We always answered, “Have you ever heard of Scentsy?” Of course, nowadays, “Scentsy” is almost a household term of which everyone is familiar with. Although the popular candle products have been around for years, we’re still surprised there are still people having never heard of, or have any first hand knowledge. If you don’t know about Scentsy, you’re missing out! Here’s the scoop!

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The Scoop on Scentsy

In the past we had the opportunities to display Scentsy and speak with large number of locals at special community events in Southern California. We continue to be surprised at the number of people that didn’t know about the products. So, for those of you that are wondering, “what the heck is Scentsy,” here it is!

Drawing of a Variety of Scentsy Products

Scentsy is So Much Safer than an Open Flame Candle!

Simply explained, Scentsy is like a scented candle, but there’s no flame, no wick, no soot, no lead, and no smoke. It’s simply a better and safer way to enjoy your favorite fragrance. For us, the best thing about Scentsy is there’s NO OPEN FLAME. We loved scented candles for years, but for long term use, they are not safe!

If you like candles and fragrances, I promise that you’ll absolutely love Scentsy! The products are unique, well made, stylish and reasonable priced. The scented wax is available in over 80 fragrances and the decorative warmers are available in three different sizes, and many different colors and styles. There’s a scent for just about everyone, and a style to fit any home or office decor.

I recently spoke with a Southern California house keeper and she actually decided to join my team. It turns out, many of her local clients use candle warmers, and she said the homes with Scentsy smell so much better than those without. She also commented about how there were no soot stains on the walls or ceilings! How cool is that? Now I have several housekeepers using our Scentsy Clean products for their business.

What’s New With Scentsy

When Scentsy first started there was only a stylish wax warmer and scented wax. That was it! Now, there’s so much more. Just look around this site and you’ll see all the amazing fragrance related products. Scentsy continues to lead the industry in fragrances and now they provide cordless warmers and scent pods, scented oils and diffusers, scented products for you car, kids, skin, laundry, bags, luggage and the list continues to grow. Nothing beats the authentic Scentsy products and in fact, nothing comes close!

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My name is Mary Gregory and I’m a Scentsy Independent Director/Consultant. If you’re interested in buying or selling Scentsy, please contact me today. You can start your shopping experience right here. We’ve already gone through and selected only the most popular products for you to choose from. The products are very reasonably priced, and becoming a consultant is only $99 for the starter kit and you can then start selling Scentsy and earning income!