Scentsy "Antique Cross" Warmer and the "Believe" Nightlight

City Of Angels Gift Idea – Miracle Collection by Scentsy

Today we wanted to take a moment to share the special “Miracle Collection” of Scentsy flameless candles with my Los Angeles friends and neighbors. Some may not know, Los Angeles is also called the “City Of Angels.” Since “Angels” and “Miracles” certainly bring about similar thoughts, it makes SCENTS some of you will love this Scentsy “Miracle Collection.” It’s actually a three piece full size set of warmers called Faith, Hope, and Charity Warmer.  Any one of these warmers would make for a great gift.

Antique Cross Scentsy WarmerUPDATE – Miracle Collection: Unfortunately, this specific Miracle Collection is no longer available, but we do have some related warmers you might find interesting. The Antique Cross warmer quite popular and the design concept is very similar, however there is no specific Miracle Collection.

Not included in this Miracle Collection is another special nightlight warmer called, “Heavenly.” It’s got an angel on front and it’s just beautiful! This collection, along with the Heavenly Warmer, are my personal favorites, so I really had to share this! My husband & I get such a warm and spiritual feeling inside, while using these special warmers. I’m just sure you’ll feel the same.

Believe Night Light WarmerAt one time we had some matching sets of Miracle Collection warmers that included matching nightlights and tabletop warmers! While we do have other themed warmers available in matched sets, we do not have a matching nightlight warmer to go with the Antique Cross warmer. Instead, another popular warmer you might like is the “Believe” nightlight. Have a look and if you like either, you can buy them right here!

You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to enjoy these wonderful flameless candles. They’re available all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. You may purchase Scentsy online, 24/7 at my website, Take a visit and feel free to contact me anytime, and we’ll talk “scents.”

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