Add Fragrance to Your Handbags

Add Some Fragrance To Handbags With Scentsy Scent-Paks

make handbags smell delicious with scentsy-scent-paksAdd some fragrance to your handbags with Scentsy Scent-paks! A Scent-pak is a cool little fabric type sack of scented pellets, kind of like a small bean bag. It’s small and easily fits in any type of bag, such as a gym bag, travel bag, purse, hockey bag, tote bag or the like. The Scent-pak also works well in a chest of drawers, locker, closet, or any small enclosure. Available in many of the authentic Scentsy fragrances we’ve all come to know and love, when you add some fragrance to your handbags with Scentsy Scent-paks, you’ll be amazed at how good it smells. The scent-paks last about three months, so it’s a great value for just $7.

Scentsy Fragrance is quite well known for their decorative and safe wickless candles, but many are unaware of these cool little scented Scent-Paks. These Scent-paks actually come with the cute little Scentsy Buddies, but many of our regular customers quickly figured out how well the Scent-paks work in their bags and lockers. Scentsy is also known to produce some of the highest quality fragrance related products in the world, so it’s definitely worth it to check out what’s available in the catalog besides the warmers and scented wax.

Add a Scentsy Scent-Pak to Make Your Bags Smell Aromatic

Add Scentsy Fragrance to Your Handbags

By the way – We get many requests from our customers for those hard to find 15 watt Scentsy warmer replacement light bulbs. We also learned that many Scentsy fans are not sure exactly which light bulb to buy. Well, we can’t have that so we are offering help! Visit our Scentsy light bulb replacement post and learn exactly what size is needed for each warmer.

Also growing in popularity are the “Scentsy Clean,” a wonderful line of aromatic personal care, cleaning and laundry products.  The unique and authentic Scentsy fragrances make your clothes and skin smell great and feel lovely!

I sure wish I had Scentsy back when my three boys were growing up! I would have constantly added fragrance to their hockey and gym bags using these Scentsy Scent-paks! One of the worst things I remember from their days playing hockey was the smell of their hockey bags! Unfortunately, we didn’t have Scentsy Fragrance Scent-Paks for our handbags back then, but we sure do now!

Authentic Scentsy products cannot be purchased in stores and are only available through a Scentsy Independent consultant. So, if you would like to add some fragrance to your home with our wickless candles or to your handbags with the Scentsy Scent-Paks, I can help!

We hope you enjoyed learning about how to add some fragrance to your handbags with Scentsy Scent-paks!

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