Scentsy Creates Scents Including Floral Fragrances

Have Fun Earning Retirement Income With Scentsy

If you’re looking for a great home based business the whole family can participate in, this is it! It’s Scentsy Wickless and Flameless Candles! It’s especially good for singles or couples in retirement, in need of additional income to make ends meet. You can earn a little, or earn a lot, it’s up to you. No experience necessary, no hard sales tactics, work your own hours, and no BOSS! Become a Scentsy Independent Consultant for just $99.00. You’ll receive a nice start up kit, with everything you need to get started. We’ll sponsor you and help you launch your business. Take a look at the video and read below to learn more.

We’re Mary & Pete Gregory, and Mary is a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director. We operate the business as a team, and often have help from our family, including our granddaughters. It’s fun, and as our business grows, we earn more and more monthly income. It’s a home based business and most of the time we work from home. We do go out to various local events, parties and other gatherings to share our products. Yes, we do have fun earning retirement income with Scentsy!

The Scentsy candles are popular, unique, well made, stylish, affordable and best of all, the scented wax is consumable! We treat our customers right and they return again and again to buy more!

If you’re interested in joining Scentsy and becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant you’re in the right place! if you join with us, you’ll be a member of our “Dream It, Achieve It” team, we’ll be your sponsors and we’ll help you launch your business. Scentsy has already laid out the path for success, and the training is FREE! There’s no expensive business start up costs and it’s very simple! That’s the beauty of Scentsy!

Facts about Selling Scentsy

Two Friends Share Scentsy CatalogThere’s no buying and storing of products and you really only need a small amount of product on hand for display and sharing. You simply share the scentsy products with others, take orders and place the orders using your workstation. It’s important to note, you must be willing to take the initiative to actually share the products with your friends and family members. You will find, as long as you take the first steps, most people are receptive and find they really do like the products. The sample fragrances smell awesome so when people test, their response is almost always positive. Occasionally you will run into someone who hates all fragrances and well, so be it.

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Team Building

As a consultant, you will earn a commission on your own sales. If you decide to build a team, you can also earn bonus money based on the performance of your group and your team. Yes, this is where you can earn some good residual income, but with sponsoring new team members comes the responsibility to help them get started and guide them along the path. Some consultants only sell the products and are happy earning their own personal income. Other consultants also focus on team building and some do quite well with it.

There’s much more to share so please contact us to schedule a time to talk and we’ll fill you in further on the details.

Mary Gregory
[email protected] or call 661-210-7617.

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