Become an Independent Consultant In Elk Grove, CA

Join scentsy in Elk Grove CA

We’re currently looking to expand our Scentsy consultant team and looking for individuals in Elkgrove, CA interested in becoming a Scentsy independent consultant. Currently we have team members throughout the United States, but based on our market research, we feel Elk Grove would be terrific location for a new consultant to achieve success! There are many reasons new consultants start selling Scentsy and it’s not always the money! In fact, in the long term it’s about much more. Some may join with the intention of earning lots on money, but their reasons for remaining in business long term can change dramatically. Truly, the benefits are many and if you look this post you’ll get the jest of it.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Scentsy Independent Consultant?

Example of Scentsy Start Kit

It costs just $99.00, plus tax & shipping to join Scentsy and become an Elk Grove based Independent Consultant. You’ll receive a wonderful start up kit that contains everything you need to get started. You even receive a Scentsy shopping website FREE, for the first three months. After that it’s only $10.00 per month. Your customers will be able to shop anytime of the day or night, and every time they buy at your site, you earn the commission!

You will also have access to your administrative workstation to place your orders, manage your ecommerce website and conduct all your business. Operating a Scentsy consultant business is simple, but you’ll receive expert training which is also available at your workstation. If you get started with me at my website, I will sponsor you, and you’ll be a member of our team. I’ll help you launch your business and you’ll have access to your team members for support whenever you need it. Become a consultant today!

Scentsy is Not Hard But It’s Fun Work

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Being a Scentsy Independent Consultant is fun and for some it can be a viable family business. The Scentsy fragrance delivery warmers and diffusers are unique, well made, affordable, and very popular. There’s no doubt, they are just as popular in Elk Grove as everywhere else in the United States. 

The Scented Wax and scent pods are consumable products, so your customers will return over and over again! There’s no expensive start up costs or re-inventing the wheel, as you would have with a typical new business. There is already a proven business plan in place and all that’s needed is to follow the path.

The Scentsy product line is extremely popular and there are no hard sales required. There’s no experience necessary! Work your own hours! You are your own boss! You can earn as much, or as little income, as you want. If you’re looking for a little extra pocket money each month, or executive level income, it’s up to you! If you want to be successful it takes hard work, determination and the willingness to succeed. I’d love to have you on my team, so please, contact me today or get started now, and you are on your way.

How Easy Is It To Sell Scentsy Wickless Candles?

No products sell themselves and even the most popular must inform consumers they exist and where they can be purchased! We do believe if you are based in Elk Grove there is a receptive market available for you to take advantage of. You don’t have to be a sales person, but you must be willing to share the Scentsy products both online, offline and face to face. 

UPDATE 2022 – Times have changed and there are now some consultants doing business 100% online. Instead of meeting face to face they are using Zoom or Facetime. They are doing online parties through email and social media. Honestly, the tough part is sharing the actual fragrance testers so customers can choose their favorite fragrances. Even so, many new customers just take a chance and place orders until they can choose their favorites.

We have years of experience selling Scentsy and working with our team. The business has shifted so much of this is also done virtually! When you join with us, you’ll have the advantage of our sponsorship to guide you along the way.

Scentsy Compensation Plan 2022

How Much Money Can I Make?

We have an exacting compensation chart displayed above, but basically you’ll earn 20% to 39% of sales that you personally make plus bonuses and up to 9% of the entire down line volume sold by the people you have personally signed up to sell Scentsy candles. There’s really nothing to lose except your time and some consultants even join just so they can buy their products at reduced prices. By the way, there are no geographic restrictions as to where you can sell the Scentsy products. Scentsy does business throughout the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and more! Elk Grove would make a great base of your operations, but you are not restricted to your home area. Don’t forget, the Scentsy scented wax bars, scent pods and many other products are consumable. Once you build a customer base, they’ll return over and over again.

How Can I Help?

When you join Scentsy you will be a part of our team. Not only will you be your own boss, you will receive the support my husband and I can provide.

How You Can Benefit from Being a Scentsy Independent Consultant

This could be a very long list, but it’s really up to you! It all starts with setting some goals, and I’ll be happy to help. Some benefits include:

  • No travel cost because you can work from home. You may need to go to local parties if you choose, but no long distances. Choose virtual instead!
  • Buy a new car
  • Take a trip
  • Making many new friends from around the world
  • You might very well earn more than you thought
  • We were surprised at the personal growth both my husband and I experienced.

About Scentsy

Scentsy is extremely popular and successful Direct Sales Company based in Idaho. They were ranked by Inc 500 Magazine as number one in Consumer Products and Service, and number 19 in the Fastest Growing Consumer Products category. We love Scentsy and our interactions with them has been a blessing.

What are the Scentsy Products

If you’re wondering, what the heck is Scentsy, you can find out all the info by going through the shop and viewing the product line. Also, be sure to have a look at the latest product catalog and product list. That could be you if you, if you join Scentsy and be a new Independent consultant in Elk Grove, CA.

Since joining Scentsy in 2009 my life has changed dramatically! My husband and I operate our business as a team and it has been, and continues to be, an amazing adventure. We’ve made friends all across the USA and in Canada. We’ve traveled to places we would have never thought of. We love what we do and want to share it with you! Join us.