Iridescent Bubble Warmer


This Iridescent Warmer is super cute and Now On Sale in Clearance! It looks like a colorful bubble ready to burst. The kids love making lots of bubbles so this one is perfect! This is a tabletop warmer, melts our scented wax and takes a 25 watt bulb.

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I was so excited to see this new Scentsy bubble warmer I purchased one at full price as soon as they came out! Of course, I knew the bubble warmer would eventually go on sale, but just could not wait! Why? Well, I’m a Scentsy consultant, but I also operate a home childcare watching children from 1 to 4 years of age. One of our favorite activities is making bubbles in the back yard. So much fun all year long!

When the kids saw this new warmer they all wanted to touch it to see if it would pop! Once they realized they could not pop it, we all went outside and played bubbles for a solid hour!

Kids Making Bubbles
Kids Making Big Bubbles