Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month for Jan 2020

Scentsy Salt Warmer Pink

The Scentsy Warmer of the Month for January 2020 includes 2 unique new Himalayan Salt warmers available in pink and white. Both are made using genuine pieces of rock salt from the Himalayans. It’s interesting to note, each warmer is slightly different and the salt look actually changes over time as you warm the wax. You’ll love the special effects created when using this new warmer.

Although the warmer of the month promotion as ended, as of 2022 customers can still purchase the Pink Salt warmer priced at $60.

Before they were released, we shared these new salt warmers as a coming soon product on our Facebook page and everyone was excited about them. We worried the warmers would go out of stock, but in this case we were okay. Most warmers of the month do NOT become regular warmers offered everyday. We’re happy to report, this one was continued and as of the end of 2022 the Pink Sale warmer is still available!

The Scent of the Month for January 2020

Inhale Exhale Scented Wax by Scentsy

Yeah, Inhale,Exhale is a weird name and of course, you have no idea what this scent will smell like, so we’ll try to explain. According to the Scentsy description, “Search for inner peace with salted citrus, calming freesia and solar woods.” So, that sounds like an interesting blend of scents and we’re intrigued by the solar woods mix. We received our first Inhale,Exhale Scentsy bar and we liked the scent. It’s not an all time favorite, but certainly something new and different with a woodsy scent.

Unfortunately, this Inhale, Exhale fragrance is no longer available, but we have plenty more scented wax fragrances available now. During the promotional month, customers could buy the Scent of the Month Scentsy Bar, Scent Circle and Room Spray, available for 10% during January 2020.

Check out all the latest scented wax fragrances to try out something new. Honestly, Scentsy just keeps coming out with trendy new aromatic wax fragrances and other fragrance products, perfect for our homes, body, laundry and more.