Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month of August 2013

Birdhouse is Warmer of the Month for August 2013

It’s now summer and Scentsy has made the heat a little more tolerable with the Scentsy warmer and scent of the month of August! The warmer is called Birdhouse, and it’s absolutely adorable! It’s a little ceramic birdhouse with a cute red vermilion roof and a playful little blue bird poking it’s head outside of the window. The outside of the birdhouse is a light color accented with climbing green vines. Raise the roof and you’ll find a warmer dish inside. Enjoy Birdhouse while adding a sunny, playful touch to your home or office. This warmer is considered a full size warmer, but this one uses a 20 watt light bulb.

This Scentsy Warmer of the Month promotion is long in the past, but we really loved the cute little Birdhouse warmer. Also, it turned out the Bora Bora fragrance was quite popular and actually made it back in the 2017 Bring Back My Bar Top 25 list.

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Scent of the Month for August 2013

Bora Bora Scent of the Month for Aug 2013

The new aromatic and fragrant scent of the month is Bora Bora Blossom! Get lost in a balmy combination of succulent fruits and lush orchid, balanced with a kiss of fresh, green violet leaf. Available right now, you can buy your “Bora Bora Blossom” Scentsy Bar for 10% off during this August promotional month.

The following Scentsy warmer and scent of the month of August are available during the month of August 2013 for 10% off. On a side note, in order to make room for all the great new wickless scented products coming out with the new 2013 Fall/Winter catalog, there will be many other Scentsy products available for 10% off this month.

  • Premium Full Size Warmer Birdhouse
  • Bora Bora Blossom Candle Bar
  • Bora Bora Blossom Room Spray
  • Bora Bora Blossom Scent Circle