Scentsy Warmer & Scent Of The Month – Aug 2012

Wow! Even though it’s 2017, this Whoot Owl Warmer is still going strong and you can still buy the Whoot Owl warmer today for just $35. In fact, it turned out to be so popular Scentsy made another and you can also by it’s little sister warmer, a cute little Night light Owl Warmer for just $20!

Scentsy Warmer of the Month for Aug 2012 - Whoot Owl

It’s August 1st 2012 and we’re finally able to offer our customers the wonderful new Scentsy wickless candle warmer called Whoot! Whoot is a piece of art, a finely detailed warmer that glows golden when on. Flip the switch and watch this symbol of wisdom come to life. What’s more, for this month of August 2012, it’s available for at 10% off.

Want to Buy Both Owl Warmers and Save $10?

Scentsy $35 Companion System

Of course you want to save $10! Savvy shoppers take advantage our our combine and save deals to save everyday. You could buy the $35 Companion System and get the large warmer, night light and three bars for $60. That’s $10 less than if you bought the products separately.

Here’s the Original Post of the Warmer and Scent of the Month of August 2012

Each month, Scentsy introduces a brand new fragrance and Scentsy warmer that are not included in our current catalog! To celebrate holidays and the seasons, these products are available at a 10% discount during their promotional month.

The Scent of the Month for Aug 2012 was Neverland, but it’s no longer available! This fragrance reminded me of sunny geranium, glowing pink pepper, and toasty cedar in a deliciously outdoorsy fragrance, like lounging on a sun-warmed wooden deck chair.

The following Scentsy products were available during the month of August, 2012 for 10% off. FYI – As of Sept 2017, the Whoot Owl and it’s little sister night light is still available! 

Authentic Scentsy Products Reasonably Priced!

You hardly hear about this but I’m going to share it anyway! Scentsy has done a terrific keeping their prices down. Sure, you can buy cheaper knockoff products but there’s nothing like buying authentic Scentsy products, and at reasonable prices! Not only are the products unique, stylish and well made, it’s a darn GOOD deal!

Authentic Scentsy products are not available in stores and can only be purchased through an Independent Consultant. Shop Scentsy Online 24/7, 365 days of the year!


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