Clean and Safe Fragrances For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy With Scentsy Fragrances

Scentsy offers multiple ways to enjoy your favorite fragrances for use with Aromatherapy. We have a variety of fresh, clean scents that are also safe. We also offer a number of different fragrance delivery systems so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs, especially for aromatherapy.

I love candles too, but too many people have suffered and died as a result of candle caused fires. I won’t say anymore on this, but if you use candles please, please be safe. Post a sign at your front door as a reminder you when you leave stating, “Blow Out The Candles.” Now, on to our article!

Fragrances Delivery Systems for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy UPDATE: Our line of fragrance delivery systems continues to grow and any one would be suitable for an aromatherapy session. It’s up to you choose something that’s best for you.

Scented Wax, Pods & Oils by Scentsy

Nowadays Scentsy offers three different fragrance types. Of course, we offer the traditional scented wax, essential oils and scent pods. The different fragrance types are for use in different warmers. and we published a post to help our customers determine which fragrance type matches up with each warmer.

Scentsy Warmers and Wax

Does Aromatherapy Really Work?

There are reliable reports about the possible benefits of using aromatherapy as an aid to manage the symptoms of those suffering from arthritis and other health problems. This is great news, but it’s nothing we didn’t already know.

We know these types of claims are argued among the medical community, but like one doctor said, if you enjoy a particular scent, it’s likely to make you feel better when you smell it, at least emotionally. That’s just simple logic! If you’re feeling a bit under the weather and depressed, it makes sense that smelling a fragrance that brings back a positive memory would help!

If It Smells Good We’re Happy!

In our home we always have our Scentsy wax bars warming. Our home always smells GREAT and we can change the fragrance as often as we want. We love the different options and Scentsy provides over 80 scents to choose from. No matter what my mood, I always have just the right fragrance on hand to make my day!

Fragrances and Memories

One thing we know for sure is, when we smell a particular fragrance, it brings back memories and powerful emotions. It doesn’t take a medical expert to prove it. It’s just true! We’ve all experienced walking into a home on Thanksgiving Day and smelling the feast in the oven. Most of us immediately associate that scent with home, family, comfort, and don’t forget the great after meal naps.

Personal Experiences With Fragrances

Here’s two personal experiences I had with fragrances in our home. One day I opened a Scentsy bar and it smelled like fresh cut grass. Although I did not care for it, I took one whiff and it immediately reminded me of helping my Dad with the yard work when I was a child.

The other experience my husband had was a powerful memory about baking cookies with mom. I can’t remember exactly which fragrance, but I think it was Sugar Cookies. Those memories were immediate, involuntary, and triggered by just one quick whiff. That’s pretty powerful stuff when you think about it!

Finding More Information About Aromatherapy

If your did a google search for aromatherapy related keywords it’s a pretty good bet you’ll find some great articles on alternative health care, and from there, you’ll find plenty of information aromatherapy.

In closing, I can say without any reservation, if you enjoy smelling a particular fragrance, just do it! It’s not a surprise your favorite scent probably makes you feel better. Even if it’s all in your mind, in my book that’s all that really counts!

Blow Out The Candles and go Wickless Today!

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