Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women In Your Life by Scentsy

The Perfect Valentines Day Gift From Scentsy

As Valentine’s Day approaches it will be time again to buy that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life. Scentsy has flameless candle gifts, romantic scented wax and a variety of aromatic scented products. Consider buying her a warmer or some of the many personal care products such as Scentsy bath soak, body cream, fragrance mist and more.

These are thoughtful, unique, attractive, great smelling, safe and best of all, the products are reasonably priced. What’s more, you don’t even have to go in a store of any kind. You can shop all the latest warmers here or contact me, Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory, and I’ll handle the whole thing for you. It will take about five minutes of your time and you’re done. Not only that, I promise you’ll be the hero of Valentine’s Day! The women in your life will absolutely love how thoughtful you were with choosing these popular gifts.

If you have questions, contact me directly and I’ll help you choose a special gift for your best girl! Call or text Mary for help with your order at 661-210-7617.

Scentsy Romance Themed Warmers and Scents

Most likely the warmer in the photo above is no longer available, but we have plenty more! In fact, don’t be surprised if your Valentine would prefer a warmer that can be used year round as opposed to a Valentine themed warmer that may not be something she would want to display year round. Regardless, a couple months in advance of each Valentine’s Day, Scentsy always comes out with a new, Valentine themed warmer and multiple romantic fragrances.

Back in 2013 we had two “Love” themed wickless candles, and and as always, we still have many other attractive candle warmers or diffusers to choose from. You’re sure to find that perfect gift for your best girl, wife, mom, grandma, daughter.

Scentsy Romance Collection of Fragrances

The Scentsy fragrances smell amazing, and for Valentine’s Day we suggest a scented wax Scentsy Bar that spells “romance.” See all the latest scented wax here!

Way back when, we had Garden of Love, Love Story, Enchanted Mist, Linger, Love Story, Cerise, Lucky In Love, Quiver, Sheer Innocence, Simply Irresistible, RU N2 Me, and much more. We still have some of those, but there are even more fragrances available now.

Almost any Scentsy product would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift and she’ll love it. So will you!