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Successful Realtors Use Good Scents to Improve Home Sales

scented candle warmers eliminate offensive odors from stinky homeAre you trying to sell a home that stinks? According to the National Association of Realtors, successful realtors use good scents to improve home sales. That’s right, if you are selling your home ask your agent to use some good smelling home fragrances when prospective home buyers drop in for a visit.  Offensive odors are one of the top seven things that hurt home sales and yet it can be remedied so easily. Home buyers do NOT want to walk in to a home and smell offensive odors and some will just turn right around and walk out! It’s simple to use good scents to improve home sales and we can help!

Residents Don’t Notice Odors in Their Homes

Offensive Odors Hurt Home SalesAccording to the Inside Scoop from the May issue of Woman’s Day Magazine, most people living in the home, don’t even notice the odors in their own homes. They’re used to it, so they don’t think it exists! Take a look at our catalog to learn about a wonderful way to make your home smell amazing, and SELL for the highest price possible!

Fragrance Matters When Staging and Selling Homes

If you’re a homeowner or real estate agent and staging a home to sell, flameless candles will make the home smell amazing when potential buyers arrive for a look. No more worries about offensive odors, and in fact, a positive clean smell may actually increase your chances of selling your home. Scentsy is an outstanding product and if you are not familiar, here’s a short explanation about flameless candles! Scentsy is unique, well made, stylish, SAFE, popular and affordable! No open flames, no soot, and safe around kids and pets. What’s more, the scents are truly amazing!

Realtors & Sellers Need Scentsy for Open Houses

If you’re a homeowner and selling your home, or a real estate agent, contact me, Mary Gregory! I’m a local Santa Clarita Scentsy independent consultant and if necessary, I’ll even loan you a warmer to try out and use for a short period of time. All we ask is that you place the warmer in a noticeable location in your home, along with our product and my contact information. What a deal! To get your loaner warmer call or text 661-210-7617.

We wish you the best of luck when selling your home but remember, successful realtors use good scents to improve their home sales. I wouldn’t doubt, if adding a little Scentsy Fragrance to your home during your home showings, you might even receive a higher offer for an extra few grand if your home smells good! It really does work, so try Scentsy today!

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