The Bella Maggiore Inn Smells Delicious With Scentsy Fragrances

Scentsy Warmer at Bella Maggiore in Ventura CAWhile my husband and I were enjoying our quick escape to old Ventura this weekend, we had the opportunity to make the Bella Maggiore smell delicious with Scentsy Fragrances! We just returned from our favorite spot in Ventura, the Bella Maggiore Inn. As usual, we had a wonderful time as my husband and I just love the old time look and feel of the Inn.

Upon arriving at the Bella I immediately noticed there was a Scentsy candle warmer sitting on the hotel desk top, but there was no wax warming. Since I’m a Scentsy consultant, I immediately pulled out a Scentsy Bar and helped the hotel attendant to get the wax warming. Needless to say hotel management was thankful we were able to provide the scented wax and we were glad to help out.

Examples of scentsy candles and scented waxOnce we checked in, we went up to our room to unpack and get settled in. As we unpacked we opened up our scented travel tin and our room immediately begin to smell so fresh and clean. An hour or two later, we stepped out of our second floor room and immediately were hit the aroma of our fresh Scentsy fragrance from the reception desk. We were surprised to discover, the warmer with just two squares of scented wax had found it’s way throughout the entire common area on all three floors. We went downstairs and as we passed by the front desk, we noticed the attendant had a big smile on her face. She again thanked us for the Scentsy bar and reported that a number of other guests had commented on how great it smelled inside the inn.

As a Scentsy independent consultant I was thrilled to be able to provide a product that resulted in enhancing the environment while pleasing the employees and guests. I am happy to report, the Bella Maggiore now smells amazing with Scentsy fragrance!

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