Scentsy – Special Preview – New Wickless Products

scentsy-baby-grand-warmerIt’s fun to look back at when Scentsy launched new products and we loved to share about them as early in advance as possible. Well, now it’s nearly 2018 and we still love sharing in advance of new Scentsy product launches.

The Piano Warmer was actually quite popular and my family actually loved it. As it turned out, so did many customers and my sales records proves it. Even today, Scentsy continues coming out with only the best and most unique products ever and clearly leads the industry!

Original 2012 Share of Scentsy Special Preview

Wow! Check out this special preview of these amazing new Scentsy products available beginning 9/1/12.  Be sure to contact us in advance and we’ll make sure you’re one of the very first to receive one of these amazing warmers. this is just a sampling and there’s much more that will be available in the new catalog coming on 9/1/12. Contact us today and we’ll send you a new catalog in advance, FREE! Call or text Mary at 661-210-7617.

We’re most excited about the new Special Olympics warmer, “Champion.”  This is an amazing opportunity to order the special new warmer in advance. This is just another example of why we’re so proud to be a part of the Scentsy Family! Want to join us? Join today for just $99!

Scentsy Special Olympics WarmerSpecial Olympic program will benefit. For every Special Olympic warmer that is sold, Scentsy Family will donate $8 to the Special Olympics program. This would also make a great double benefit fundraising opportunity, because we could make our own personal Independent Consultant donation to your local cause, and the Special Olympic program could benefit as well! Contact us today to get your fundraiser started.

New products coming soon also include:

  • New Warmers – Silhouette Wraps, EMT Warmer, Full Size Warmers, and Premium Full size Warmers.
  • New Charitable Warmer is the Special Olympics Champion Warmer. For every Champion sold, $8 goes back to the Special Olympics!
  • New night light warmers to match some of the existing full size or premium full size. Specifically, the popular Silverline warmer that will now be available as a nite light.
  • New Scent Trend Fragrances
  • New Scentsy Bars Scented Wax

Also, not shown in the photos are new the “Scentsy skin care and laundry” products but they are now available.

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