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Scented Scentsy Hand Sanitizer

Although we no longer offer the Scentsy hand sanitizers, we do have some terrific Scentsy Soap, available in a variety of popular fragrances.

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Wow, Scentsy Fragrance continues to amaze us all as they keep bringing us awesome products we all need and use! Now we have a moisturizing Hand Sanitizer that kills germs in just one spray – without drying your hands! Available in many different Authentic Scentsy fragrances, not only will our hands be germ free, but they’ll smell amazing! To order, call or text Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617 or visit our website.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016: Scentsy still carries skin care products but it’s no longer referred to as “Layers.” Yes, the products and fragrances have changed but the most current personal cleaning products are really terrific and as always, smell amazing!

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A few of the new hand sanitizer fragrances available are French Lavender, Love Story, Coconut Lemongrass, Satin Sheets, Luna, Skinny Dippin, Sunkissed Citrus, White Tea and Cactus, Satin Sheets, Simply Irresistible, Quiver,Linger, Lucky In Love, and many more. The fragrances do change from time to time but you can buy the Scented Hand Sanitizer and make your selections when checking out. The last we checked there were about 16 different fragrances.

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