Make Your Bath or Shower Luxurious With Scentsy

Bath and Shower Fragrances By Scentsy

If you like Scentsy Fragrances, you’ll love Scentsy Skin and Body Care Products! When they first came out with skin care products, they were called Layers by Scentsy, but no longer! There are also laundry products, cleaning and even products for your pet! The laundry care products make your clothes smell amazing, but today we’ll focus on the skin care products.

Scentsy Skin Care Products for All

I just finished my Sunday morning luxurious bath, using the the newest Scentsy skin & body care products, and had to share. It was an amazing bath and my husband even said my skin felt super smooth and soft. I hope you enjoy the new skin products as much as I do, and my husband too! He he!

Scentsy Skin Care Products

As of Spring/Summer 2023, all the skin care products are available in the following fragrances:

  • Coconut Daiquiri Hand Soap. This soap smells like a combination of coconut milk, vanilla and bananas. Not sure how long it will be available, but if you like this fragrance be sure to click the link below to find your options.
  • Make a Splash. The fragrance reminds of melons
  • Luna Hand Soap. this is my husband’s favorite. Smells of flowers, berries and sandalwood.
  • Just Breathe Hand Soap. Smells like a variety of relaxing mints.
  • Vanilla Waves Hand Soap. A mix of Vanilla and caramel.

NOTE: The Body Wash is available in a few additional fragrances.

Hand Soap – We’ve shared about aromatic hand soap and in our family, we use it everyday. Have a look to find out more, but we promise, you’ll love it! See the hand soap here.

Body Cream – You’ll love this. It comes in a 8 oz tube of vitamin infused scented body cream.

Hand Cream – Also comes in a 8 oz tube of vitamin infused scented body cream available in a variety of your favorite fragrances.

Body Wash – The best cleanser, with a rich, luxurious lather and skin friendly sunflower oil and aloe. Paraben-free.

Scentsy Soak – Discontinued – This is by far, was my favorite, but as of Spring/Summer 2023 the bath soak has been discontinued! It came in a 2 lb bag and was formulated with pink Himalayan Epsom salts, premium moisturizers and exclusive fragrances.

Stock Up on Scented Wax Scentsy Bars

By the way, if you need to stock up on your favorite scented wax, try saving some money and buy a six pack. When you “combine & save” to create a bundle you can get six Scentsy Bars for the price of five!