Scented Skin Care Products for Men and Women

How to Make Your Bath or Shower Luxurious With Scentsy

If you like Scentsy Fragrance Wickless Candles, you’ll love Scentsy Skin Care Products! When they first came out with skin care type products, they were called Layers by Scentsy, but no longer! There are also laundry products, cleaning, grooming and more! The laundry care products make your clothes smell amazing, but today we’ll focus on the skin care products.

Scentsy Skin Care Products for Women

I just finished my Sunday morning luxurious bath, using the the newest Scentsy skin care products, and had to share. It was an amazing bath and my husband even said my skin felt super smooth and soft. I hope you enjoy the new skin products as much as I do, and my husband too! He he! Please contact me with any questions or if you need help with your order. [email protected]

Types of Scentsy Skin Care Products for Women

Scentsy Skin Care for Women

See and Buy the Fine Scented Skin Care Products for Women

Velvet Hand Cream – You’ll love this. The Velvet hydrating hand cream will make your hands feel soft and smooth! Oh, and don’t forget, you’re hands will smell amazing. They are available in several popular fragrances and cost $18 each. Try our cream and we know you’ll love it!

Whipped Body Souffle – This lotion is for your entire body and you’ll be surprised of how good it makes your skin feel. Not only that, but you will smell irresistible!

Rich Body Wash – A sumptuous, soap-free body bar infused with exclusive Scentsy fragrance as well as toning, conditioning botanical extracts and blue lily to balance and instantly hydrate skin. Turn your daily shower into a pampering experience with this amazing body bar. Remember, it’s soap free! Available in six Scentsy fragrances made specially for your skin.

Fine Fragrance Roller Perfume – We’ve shared about the popular new Scentsy Roller Perfume. Have a look here to find out more, but we promise, you’ll love it! See the Fine Roller Perfume

Scentsy Skin Care Products for Men

For the men we have some great smelling man type scented skin products. And guys, I promise the women will LOVE it and so will you! All the men’s skin products were engineered by some of the most highly regarded perfumers in the world and made using only the finest fragrances!

We have the Cream Shave Soap, skin conditioner, face balm and shampoo and shave bars. All are available in multiple fragrances, so make your choice and enjoy. You’re really going to love it all!

Scentsy Skin Care for Men

See and Buy Fine Scented Men’s Skin Care Products

Stock Up on Scented Wax Scentsy Bars

By the way, if you need to stock up on your favorite scented wax, try saving some money and buy a six pack. When you “combine & save” to create a bundle you can get six Scentsy Bars for the price of five! Build a Scentsy Muilt-Pack and Save.

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