Home Staging With Scentsy Fragrances

Home Staging with Scentsy Products

Real estate agents can improve their home sales and open houses when home staging with Scentsy! Successful real estate professionals understand the value of staging a home and adding fragrances to maximize the look and feel of any home! Real estate agents sometimes hire out a professional home staging company to make the home look, smell and feel its best. Well, here’s a unique, simple and inexpensive idea, sure to enhance any home, even without professional staging.

Scented candles would make a wonderful addition to any home staging, but since they pose a fire hazard, it’s just not a good idea. Candles can be easily forgotten and no one has time to spend worrying if they extinguished the flame. Scentsy warmers will solve the problem easily. Since there’s no flame, Scentsy is as safe as a common light fixture. Scentsy is available in multiple sizes, many different designs, and over 80 fragrances. Wouldn’t you know it, Scentsy actually makes a fragrance called “Welcome Home!” You’re sure to find something to enhance any home décor.

Scentsy Fragrance Flower and Traditional Warmer
Fragrance Flower & Traditional Warmer

Quick and Easy Home Fragrances with Scentsy

When Scentsy first came out the only option for adding fragrances in a home was to plug in a traditional warmer and melt some scented wax. Sure, that’s still the best option, but for short periods of time it might be easier to choose one of our unplugged options, and the home will still smell aromatically delicious!

Quick and Effective Home Scents
if you want to maintain the fragrance for several days and nights, go with the traditional warmer and scented wax. If you’re having an open house, instead of plugging in a warmer you can now choose one of our cordless warmers. Just add a couple of scent pods and your all set. More options are as follows:

  • Fragrance Flowers would work perfectly, especially long term. Set it and forget it! They are inexpensive and look terrific. Place 2 or 3 flowers of the same fragrance throughout the home and you’re set for one or two months.
  • Room Sprays would be ideal to use when having an open house. They smell amazing but the scent won’t last too long, especially if the air conditioning is on.
  • Travel Twists – Might be okay for small spaces such as on a shelf in a walk-in closet.
  • Wall Fan Diffuser for any above counter outlets. I suggest the bathrooms and kitchen for most homes. Only works with Scent Pods, NOT wax.
Scentsy Warmer Sketch
Traditional Warmer With Cord

How Scentsy Works

First, there’s a ceramic warmer with a low wattage light bulb inside and small dish on top. Just place a small cube of scented paraffin wax in the dish of the night light the warmer
and 10 minutes later the room is smelling great! The heat generated from the light bulb below the dish, gently warms and melts the scented wax. There’s no flame, no wick, no soot, no lead and it’s safe! The wax is very low allergen so that’s not a factor. The melted wax is never so hot it would cause a burn. You can actually place your finger in the wax and there’s no discomfort or burning sensation.

 Our Senses Rule Our Minds and Emotions

Studies show, buyers respond in a positive or negative manner depending on what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Soft background music can help create a soothing environment and camouflage neighbor and traffic noise. Different colors affect our moods, and what we smell affects our emotions and memories, Professional designers know exactly what to do to make the home look and feel great. Why not add this small but powerful finishing touch and take advantage of the sense of smell. Imagine walking in to a home that feels good, looks great and smells perfect! Scentsy has so many different fragrances that a good designer will be able to actually choose a fragrance that will enhance the design theme of the home.

How to Select and Buy Scentsy

I’m Mary Gregory and I’m an Independent Scentsy Consultant. Authentic Scentsy products are NOT available in stores, but since you have me, I’ll take care of everything. Scentsy is unique, well made and the prices are reasonable. If you’d like to buy Scentsy it’s easiest to shop and place your orders here. BEFORE doing anything, check out my post where I revealed how to get the absolute best deals.

If you are a home staging professional and need to buy in bulk, I can see to it you get the best deal by placing your order as a party! Even if you’re not having a party, your order could be treated as such. Please contact me, but be sure to indicate in the message that you need to buy in bulk.

Become a Scentsy Consultant

Another great suggestion is to join Scentsy! The cost is only $99.00 plus tax and shipping and you’re in! You receive a wonderful starter kit and you’re in business! It’s great fun and a natural fit for real estate agents as another way to earn additional income!