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Example of Scentsy Warmers

What is this “No Wick” candle thing anyway? Well, we’re glad you asked! Back in 2010 this unique, wickless, flameless candle product was really the talk of the town, at least in the United States! Few people had heard of SCENTSY, so we published this post as a way to explain and emphasize it was a safer way to enjoy a scented candle!

So, we would always say, “have you ever heard of Scentsy”? Usually the response was a no. We would respond by saying, “it’s like a scented candle but it’s not. There’s no wick, now flame, no soot and safe around pets and children.”

Cozy Scentsy Bar Collection

Since this post is dated in 2011 there have been many unique and memorable warmers and fragrances. As time moved on Scentsy always seemed to stay one step ahead of the trends and eventually became leaders in the home fragrance industry. Even today in 2022, the Scentsy brand has become a generic term for wickless scented candles. They continue to create the most unique, stylish and contemporary home fragrance products in the world. See our latest catalog today and you’ll be amazed at how far Scentsy has taken Wickless Candles!

The original, traditional warmer is a decorative ceramic container with a small light bulb inside. A dish is placed on top of the warmer. The scented wax is placed in the dish and the light bulb melts the wax. In just a few minutes your home or office smells terrific! The wax bars are available in over eighty different fragrances and the warmers are available in three different sizes and many different designs. There is surely something for everyone!

Nowadays, Scentsy has a variety of different warmers and diffusers. We have cordless warmers, air diffusers, oil diffusers and even a scented air purifier. We have scented laundry products, bath and body products and so much more. We even have fragrance products for your dog.

To learn of all the most popular home fragrance products, simply browse this website. You can start at our Scentsy Shop and go from there.