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Hey Look No Wick! Buy Online With Just One Click!

Warmer with 2 Cubes of WaxWhat is this “No Wick” candle thing anyway? Well, we’re glad you asked! This unique, wickless, flameless candle product is really the talk of the town, at least in Los Angeles for sure! It’s SCENTSY! It’s like a scented candle but it’s not. There’s no wick, now flame, no soot and safe around pets and children.


UPDATE! Since this post is dated in 2011 many of the warmers originally displayed were no longer available! The good news is, we have many more that are even more unique, stylish and contemporary. See our latest catalog today and you’ll be amazed at how far Scentsy has taken Wickless Candles!

If you’re still wondering what Scentsy is, here’s an answer. Scentsy is unique, well made, reasonably priced and the customer service is top rate. Scentsy is like a candle but it’s not! It’s simply a better way to enjoy your favorite fragrance. A warmer is a decorative ceramic container with a small light bulb inside. A dish is placed on top of the warmer. The scented wax is placed in the dish and the light bulb melts the wax. In just a few minutes your home or office smells terrific! The wax bars are available in over eighty different fragrances and the warmers are available in three different sizes and many different designs. There is surely something for everyone!

If you want to buy or join Scentsy, you’ve landed in the right place. As a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director, I have many different methods I use to market my Scentsy, but many customers prefer to shop online, or as we like to say, CLICK SHOP! You can shop at your own convenience, any time of the day or night. No gas, no driving, no parking, no interacting with sales people. It’s just a great way to shop but the one drawback is the amount of time it takes to receive the product. CLICK SHOPPERS must plan ahead because they won’t receive their product the same day. This is not a big problem with Scentsy, because customer service is 5 stars. Once an order is placed, it’s quickly processed and shipped.  Not available in stores, Scentsy products can only be purchased through a Scentsy Independent Consultant, like me.

Contact Mary at [email protected] or call/text at 661-210-7617.

If you’d like the opportunity to earn FREE and DISCOUNTED Scenty products it’s best to sign up for a party. If you want to have a basket party we’ll ship you some samples and paperwork and you share Scentsy with everyone you can. In a week or two you can ship the supplies back and we’ll fill your orders.

Some people receive the party supplies and just become consultants themselves. This is great and we’d love to have you on our “Dream It Achieve It” team team. We offer loads of FREE training and our special support. We’ll help you learn quickly so you can get your business off the ground as soon as possible. It’s only $99.00 plus tax and shipping, and you’re an Independent Scentsy Consultant, just like Mary!

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