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Two Friends Share Scentsy CatalogDid you know, you probably have one of my Scentsy Independent Consultant team members living nearby? If you live in Santa Clarita Valley, the San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, and even throughout the USA, there’s a good chance you’ll find one of our “Dream It Achieve It” team members nearby. Please contact me, Director Mary Gregory, and I’ll have a local consultant contact you. You may also call me directly at 661-210-7617 or email me at

As a team leader here’s nothing I want more than to see my team members achieve success by selling the Scentsy candle products, and sharing the business opportunity. If you’ve bought Scentsy from me in the past, please know how much I value and appreciate your business. Also, I’m just as appreciative and thankful if you do your business with one of my team members. Either way works great, especially if it’s more convenient for our customers.

I’ve noticed that some customers have trouble remembering or finding the Scentsy consultant they bought from in the past. They either received unlabeled products, or simply misplaced the consultant information. It’s no problem, and if you contact me, I’ll help you find your consultant, or find another from my team.

Benefits of Doing Business with your Local Neighborhood Consultant

Save Money There’s a good chance you’ll save money! Scentsy almost always has some sort of money saving special going on, and your consultant will be able to advise you and notify you of those specials. Also, unless you’re a consultant, it’s hard to figure out what the best combine and save deals are. There are many ways to save money when buying products, and by talking with “your own consultant” you can be assured you’re always getting the best deals possible.

Find the Best Scented WaxTest Scents  It’s always nice to be able to smell all the various fragrances before placing an order. That’s the one thing that is difficult to make a decision on without testing. Most of us Santa Clarita, CA consultants do a good job explaining to our customers what the various Scentsy bars smell like. Still, we all have different preferences so there’s nothing like being able to test it yourself. By doing business with a consultant close by, you can always stop by for a whiff! I have other consultants, friends and customers stopping by my home continually to try the latest fragrances. It’s really great fun, as long as I’m not too busy with my family.

Buy Scentsy Now Many team members have at least a small amount of Scentsy stock on hand. If you need a last minute gift, or just don’t like waiting on shipping, it’s great to be able to buy now! Even if your consultant doesn’t have a particular product, since they are a team member, they can often network with their other local team members and find what you need. I’m constantly trading with my team and group members so I can provide that one special product for my regular customers. Honestly, I’ll do my best to help you find another consultant even if that consultant is NOT on my team.

Host a scentsy Home Party  If you want to earn FREE products by hosting a party it’s nice to do so with a favorite consultant that you already have a relationship with. The consultant can do much to help you make your party special and successful.

Mary Gregory • Scentsy Independent Consultant • [email protected]

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