Celebrate The 4th of July With Scentsy Wickless

Scentsy Warmers for July 2021 and 2022

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Scentsy! Over the years we’ve received a ton of positive feedback from our customers about how much they like our patriotic themed warmer, usually released in June or July each year. The warmers displayed above include the camping trailer from 2022 and the brightly designed warmer from 2021. Both are just lovely and they sold fast and furious.

Both warmers were released as warmers of the month and usually that means there was only a limited supply. Typically, when they sell out, they are gone for good. The little camping trailer was released in 2022 and called Land of Liberty Warmer. So darn cute and it’s unfortunate there are no more available.

Come Back Each June for the Latest in July

Since so many have shown an interest in buying our Scentsy 4th of July themed warmers, we are committed to keeping this post updated annually. Bookmark the page and return each June to place your orders in advance. We’ll display all the latest photos and links to buy, right here!

Revere Scentsy Warmer from 2013
The 2012 July Warmer Called Revere

The Old Revere Warmer from 2012

Revere! It really was a cute warmer and I think was better than most of the past warmers created specifically for this popular American holiday! It was especially attractive at night when the lights were down and the reflection of the stars was awesome.

Decorate your home for one of America’s favorite holidays, with a wonderful new Scentsy Fragrance “Revere” Candle Warmer. BTW, this is an authentic Scentsy candle warmer and it’s doubtful you’ll find a cheap knock off over at Walmart. However, if you’re searching for another type or style, we’ve got plenty! See more warmers or buy this one today! BUY online, 24/7.

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