Scentsy Revere Candle Warmer

Celebrate The 4th of July | Blow Out The Candle and Go Wickless

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Scentsy! I’m a bit surprised at the amount of positive customer feedback we’ve been receiving from our customers on our most recent 4th of July warmer, Revere! It really is a cute warmer and I think rivals some of the past warmers created specifically for this popular American holiday!

Decorate your home for one of America’s favorite holidays, with a wonderful new Scentsy Fragrance “Revere” Candle Warmer. BTW, this is an authentic Scentsy candle warmer and it’s doubtful you’ll find a cheap knock off over at Walmart. However, if you’re searching for another type or style, we’ve got plenty! See more warmers or buy this one today! BUY online, 24/7.

Scentsy Revere Candle Warmer
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Celebrate The 4th of July Warmer UPDATE 2017

The warmer above is the 4th of July Warmer for 2017! Order soon so you’ll have it in time for the 4th!

What is Scentsy?

Most of us are now familiar with Scentsy, but if you’re new to Scentsy here’s the info you’ll need. Scentsy is like a candle but it’s not! There’s no wick, no flame, no soot and no smoke! Safe around kids and pets because there’s no flame to worry about. Instead of a flame, Scentsy uses a light bulb or heating element to gently melt the special scented wax. Our newest Scentsy 4th of July warmer uses a light bulb and when combined with our wax melts, sure to make your home look and smell perfect for the 4th of July.

See the Latest Scentsy Product Catalog

Check out our catalog and see all the other beautiful warmers Scentsy has to offer. They are available in three different sizes and many different designs. You’re sure to find something to fit any decor! Buy Warmers and Scented Wax online anytime of the day or night.

See the Latest Scentsy Catalog

Scentsy Questions?

If you have any questions be sure to contact me, Mary Gregory! I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant and I’ll be happy help you get the very best value when buying online. There are quite a few Scentsy bundles where you can get combine and save deals, but many customers don’t notice. Save money and contact Mary today! 661-210-7617.

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By the way, selling the popular Scentsy products is a wonderful way to earn some extra income. Join Scentsy for just $99 and become an Independent Consultant. Contact me and I’ll be happy to sponsor you to get started selling Scentsy. Mary Gregory: 661-210-7617.

Have a GREAT 4th of July!

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