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Avoid Home Fires by Using Flameless Candles

Firemen battling home fireOne of the leading causes of home fires in the United States are caused by the flames associated with traditional open flame candles. Scented candles are wonderful and will make your home or office smell amazing, but there’s always the real concern for the open flame and the potential for accidental fire. Not only does the open candle flame have safety risks, they also produce smoke and soot which can be problematic as well. Also, there are plenty of statistics indicating a huge spike in home fires during the holiday seasons.

If you’re still using traditional candles in your home, the best way to avoid fires is to remember to blow out the candles when leaving the flame unattended. The fire department also recommends maintaining at least 1 foot clearance around all open flame candles. Then again, you can avoid home fires by using flameless candles by Scentsy!

Safest Alternative to a Traditional Candle

scentsy-system20-dealBuy Mom a Gift on Mother's Day and SaveThe best way to avoid home fires caused by candles is by using a flameless candle. There’s no wick, no flame, no soot, no smoke, and no lead. The fragrances now available are truly amazing and can easily match any scented candle, without the smoke or soot. For many years I loved my scented candles and I still enjoy them. Ever since I discovered Scentsy it’s very rare that I will ever use a candle. I just love the Scentsy fragrances too much to go back! Also, it’s so much safer and I don’t have to worry about blowing out the candles when leaving the house.

How Do the Flameless Candles Work

Here’s how it works! Instead of a flame burning candle, you use a candle wax warmer. It’s basically a ceramic vase like warmer with a low wattage light bulb inside, and a dish on top, or inside the warmer. Some warmers use a heating element instead of the bulb. Then, simply place the scented wax in the dish and the heat from the light bulb or element gently warms and melts the scented wax. Also, the warmers using light bulbs actually double as a small lamp or night light. The most popular wickless candles on the market today are those made by Scentsy Fragrance. Without the doubt, Scentsy leads the industry and provides some of the most unique and aromatic products available in the world today.

Want to Learn More About Avoiding Home Fires and Scentsy?

Authentic Scentsy ProductsIf you’re interested in buying or learning more about flameless, wickless candles, you may contact Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director, Mary Gregory. Authentic Scentsy flameless candles are not available in stores and are only available through a Scentsy Independent Consultant, just like Mary. Mary is an experienced consultant and can help her customers get the very best value when buying Scentsy products.

Scentsy Warmers Styles and Sizes

The Scentsy candle warmers are available in multiple and many different styles. The scented wax is available in over 80 different aromatic fragrances. You’re sure to find the perfect fragrance to enhance any home or office, and be pleasing to your sense of smell as well! Best of all, Scentsy is very reasonably priced. No, what really is best of all is avoiding home fires by using the Scentsy flameless alternative!

Scentsy Warmers & Wax Pricing

The warmers start at $20. Nowadays, Scentsy also offers gorgeous diffusers which are intended for natural oils. the diffusers start at about $50 and to up to $150. They really are quite amazing! Also, once you start using the scented wax you’ll discover the aromatic fragrances last quite a long time and dollar for dollar, a much better deal than traditional open flame candles.

There are many ways to save when buying Scentsy, so blow out your candles and go wickless today. Contact Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617 or [email protected] and I’ll share the in’s and outs of buying Scentsy and getting the MOST for your money.

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