Science and Creativity Make Scentsy Fragrances Unique

Science of Fragrances at Scentsy

After our recent tour of the Agilex Fragrance research and development facility in New Jersey, we now understand a little more about how science and creativity make Scentsy fragrances unique. We are the Scentsy independent Director team of Mary and Pete Gregory and we’re passionate about fragrances. We were thrilled to be invited to Agilex and wish to take this moment to thank our guide, Joyce Stio and the entire staff for their time.

It’s no secret, and there’s just no other way to explain it. The Scentsy scented candles and scented wax fragrances are some of the best in the world. How do we know? We use the products ourselves and our customers return again and again to buy more. It’s just that simple! What is not so simple is the science and creativity required to make Scentsy fragrances unique.

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Science and Trend Research for Scentsy Fragrances

After touring the Agilex facility and meeting with the perfumers and other scientists, we learned a little about what is involved in the creation and development of fine fragrances. First off, it all starts with future marketing trends. How do we know what fragrances are going to be popular a year from now? Well, we guarantee you Scentsy has a pretty good idea and they will develop the fragrances to match those future trends. For example, how do we know what will be popular during the next holiday season? Trends are often seasonal, and could be inspired by a popular upcoming movie, music artist, major news story, sporting event, or an unexpected event that leaves a lasting impression on the population in a large geographic area.

Once the potential trends are determined, the Perfumers will get to work using their science and creativity to make unique Scentsy fragrances, to match the trends. A Perfumer is a rare profession and there are only about 300 Perfumers in the world, with approximately 150 here in the United States. The Perfumers are extremely talented people and tend to be scientists with an artistic and creative nature as well. The perfumers are continually developing new scent mixes, and have thousands of fragrances ready to blend together to create something new. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

After our visit to Agilex Fragrance we learned how, science and creativity make Scentsy fragrances unique.