Scentsy Is Now a Proven Leader in Consumer Fragrance Trends

Scentsy Fragrance Families

Not surprisingly, Scentsy is now a proven leader in consumer fragrance trends. They are known to produce some of the most trendy, aromatic scented wax fragrances and flameless candle warmers in the world. Time and again, Scentsy produces and releases more and more trendy new candle warmers and scented wax fragrances. The new products always hit the consumer market at exactly the right time.

It makes me wonder, how is it possible to determine what fragrance trends my nose will find appealing a year from now? Come on now! I have no idea what type of fragrance I might like a month from now! After considering all the variables, it’s obvious Scentsy must be putting the big bucks where it matters most, in researching future consumer fragrance trends.

Scentsy Consultants Benefit Most from Trend Research

If you are a passionate consumer or a Scentsy consultant, the above information is the best news ever. As a consultant I sell the entire Scentsy Fragrance product line and I sponsor new consultants to build a successful organization of my own. It gives me great confidence to know the company I associate myself with is a proven leader in consumer fragrance trends. I know how hard Scentsy works to keep us ahead of our competitors and you know it’s working because it’s the others trying to replicate our products. The thing is, other companies selling knock offs just can’t do what we do and this becomes more and more obvious as they keep putting cheap, sub par products on the market. Because of the hard work and determination by our Scentsy leaders, as a consultant I’m provided with the absolute best chance at success.

Most regular scented candle customers already know the authentic Scentsy products are beyond compare! Some of my customers are very passionate about Scentsy and some have specific scents they just can’t live without! When a trendy new candle warmer or scented wax fragrance is available, they are all over it! They share about it on their social networks, email their friends and chat about it online. They continually refer my services to their friends, social networks and family members. Seriously, would these customers be doing this if the products didn’t continue to be trendy and unique?

Earn Income Selling Scentsy

So, if you or someone you know is considering becoming a consultant, that’s great! It’s a wonderful and affordable way to start your own home based business. Just because it’s inexpensive to join, don’t discount the value or the time you will put into it. My advice is, take a hard look at the company you plan to join. Look seriously at the products. Research and verify if they are providing products consumers want and need. Find some old catalogs and compare it with the most recent. Have the products evolved and changed to fit the consumer trends for that type of product?

This is serious business and your time is extremely valuable. Don’t waste it by associating yourself with a company that is not holding up their end. Even if Scentsy is not for you, use them as the example. I assure you, they continue to get the job done again and again. Scentsy is indeed a proven leader in consumer fragrance trends.

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