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Buy, Host or Join Scentsy in Rosamond CA

Scentsy Product Combination of 2 Warmers & 1 Wax MeltBuy, host or join Scentsy Fragrance in Rosamond, CA. If you live in or near Rosamond, our full service “Dream It Achieve It” team of Scentsy wickless candle and fragrance consultants are available to provide the top level service you’ve been seeking. Contact us today for a referral to a qualified consultant near you.

We just returned from our team meeting in Rosamond, CA and are so pleased to know we have such an amazing and capable team of Scentsy independent consultants. Our consultants are continually helping customers living in or near Rosamond to buy, host or join Scentsy. Authentic Scentsy Wickless candle products cannot be purchased in stores, but Rosamond residents can easily buy, host a party or join Scentsy Fragrance, without ever leaving the area.

Wouldn’t it be great to host a traditional Scentsy home party in Rosamond to earn free and discounted wickless candle and scented wax products? If residents don’t want to host a party they can simply speak with a local Scentsy independent consultant to place an order, and buy their wickless candle and scented wax products. Our current Rosamond customers continually express their complete satisfaction with the excellent service provided by our Dream It, Achieve It team members.

I am Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory and I will be happy to put you in contact with your local Scentsy Independent Consultant. Our consultants help their customers every step of the way so they can buy, host or join Scentsy Fragrance in Rosamond, CA.

Scentsy wickless candles are popular, unique, well made, safe and reasonably priced. There is no flame, no soot, no smoke, no lead, and safe! They are available in three different sizes, many different colors, designs and styles. The Scentsy scented wax fragrances are available in over 80 fragrances. Contact us today for a referral to your local fragrance consultant in Rosamond, CA. Call or text Mary at 661-210-7617

Interested in earning additional income as a Scentsy Independent Consultant? It’s lot’s of fun, easy to learn, and you receive a starter kit with everything needed to get started. Expert training and sponsorship provided! No Experience Necessary – Choose Own Hours – No Boss. Contact us today to learn more. Mary Gregory 661-210-7617.

In Rosamond, you can buy, host or join Scentsy fragrance.

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  1. William Eason on October 1, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Please call!

    Thank you for responding to our post. We have contacted our Scentsy Independent Consultant team member in your area and she has since contacted you. We hope you enjoy your Scentsy products and please feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions.

    Mary Gregory
    Scentsy Independent Director

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