Remember The Campus Collection?

Scentsy Campus Collection of Warmers
Examples of Discontinued Campus Collections

Do you remember the Scentsy Campus Collection? We certainly do and we were disappointed to see them go. Even after they were completely discontinued, we still kept many of our product pages published, simply because Scentsy would later replace the old style with new. Finally, it appears the warmers have been completely discontinued. Never the less, for now we’re keeping this one page in memory. If some day the collection is continued, our customers and visitors will find the latest college related products here!

Over the years Scentsy created some very popular traditional warmers for some of the more well known colleges and universities. The collections were referred to as “The Campus Collection” or “The College Collection.” The first set of warmers were traditional ceramic warmers such as the UCLA warmer as shown in the photo. The warmer did not glow, there was a light bulb inside along with some holes so the light from the bulb reflected in the dark.

Next came the warmers that were inspired by the original Snapshot type warmers. These attractive warmers glowed out the front and came in 3 or 4 styles or colors. Each warmer had a interchangeable plate which included the college colors, name and logo.

More Recent Campus Collections

A few years after the first two collections were discontinued, Scentsy created some super cute football helmet warmers. Of course, these were finished using the specific school colors, with the school logo on the sides. Very similar to the actual helmets worn by the teams.

The most recent warmers in the campus collection were the cute little mini warmers. These warmers were offered around the same time or just after the helmets. I remember, on multiple occasions selling a mini warmer AND helmet warmer at the same time.

Of all the college themed warmers, my husband liked the football helmets best. I preferred the original ceramic warmers the best. Should Scentsy decide to offer the campus collection in the future, I would love if they brought back the originals.

example of old original college warmers
Example of New Product

Campus Collection Licensing and Costs

Perhaps one of the reasons for discontinuing the collection may have something to do with licensing. As a consultant, I don’t really have any insights with this, but I know the warmers were a bit more expensive. Also, at least a portion of the proceeds went directly to the college.

The other reason may be a simple business decision. When creating a product for a specific college, the number of prospective customers will be much smaller, as opposed to other less specific products.

Big Brand Licensing By Scentsy

Scentsy has made incredible progress and is licensed to sell many big name product or sports brands. Take a look and see if there’s any collections of interest. Without mentioning the brands, see if you can guess which brands we offer. Here are some hints.

  • Mice with big ears
  • Pro Football
  • Princesses
  • Yellow Bear
  • Dogs
  • Magic
  • Super Heroes
  • Space and Stars

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