Just Breathe

Just Breath Scentsy Bar


Product Brief Description

Authentic Scentsy scented wax called “Just Breathe.” Smells like a mix of eucalyptus, lemon, with a touch of mint.

Additional Product Information

Because the Just Breath scented wax contains eucalyptus, some believe it has a calming effect. Also, with the added lemon, it can be refreshing as well. Whatever belief you might have, if you enjoy the fragrances, that’s all that matters.

The Just Breath wax melts comes in an attractive teal colored plastic container and the wax is divided into eight small individual cubes. Typically one cube is plenty for a smaller warmer, but you might want a little more in a larger warmer. Don’t got fooled thinking if you put in more wax you’ll have a stronger fragrance. It’s especially not true with this fragrance because it can be a bit strong but smells great! If you only like very subtle scented wax, this may not for you!

Since our Just Breathe Scentsy Bars have become a popular fragrance, we did some research to learn a little more about the ingredients.

Generally, Eucalyptus can be a plant, bush or tree, most common in Australia, and the type varies from area to area. It’s interesting to note eucalyptus recovers well after fires, and usually resprout quite quickly.

We can only say how much we enjoy using our own authentic Scentsy Just Breathe wax melts, especially while bathing. It’s very enjoyable and some people find it calming. Personally, we tried using it to calm down before bed but couldn’t really determine if it helped or not. Of course, generally we’re completely worn out after a long day and have no problems hitting the hay!

One thing for sure, if you want the very BEST in home fragrances, no one does it better than Scentsy. For the very best in fine home fragrances, buy only authentic Scentsy products!