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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Holly Berry Cinnamon

Holly Berry Cinnamon Scented Wax Bar

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Product Brief Description

This Holly Berry Cinnamon wax melt by Scentsy is perfect for the winter months. Especially good if you live in an area with a hotter climate and don’t get to experience the fragrances associated with a snowy winter. It’s made with an ambrosial base, mixed with a touch of of clove leaf, cassis, and some juniper berry.

Additional Product Information

Ingredients include a high-quality paraffin wax to help your fragrance last longer. Then Scentsy Bars come with eight cubes designed and perfect to use with any SCENTSY Scentsy Warmer. As the Holly Berry Cinnamon wax melts, you’ll enjoy some delicious fragrances throughout your home or office.

Made by Scentsy in Idaho, USA. Net wt 2.6 oz.