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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Cinnamon Vanilla

Cinnamon Vanilla Scentsy Bar - Wax Melt

$6.00 $5.40

Product Brief Description

If you like the cinnamon and vanilla fragrances, you’ll love this cinnamon vanilla scented wax melt. Although every nose is different, this scented wax has been a long time favorite for a number of our customers. Enjoy!

Additional Product Information

The actual ingredients for our cinnamon vanilla candle wax includes a mix of cinnamon, vanilla beans, coconut and something called cassia.

Cinnamon is a simple spice coming from the bark of several related trees. As we all know,  cinnamon is usually brown or rust colored and is also derived from related species, also known as cassia.

Cinnamon and Vanilla Spices

Vanilla – Vanilla is also a spice but did you know it is the second most expensive spice. Yep, saffron is the most expensive but because growing and harvesting vanilla is so time consuming it’s very expensive. Thankfully, Scentsy does NOT pass this added expense on to it’s customers because our cinnamon vanilla Scentsy bar is still only $5, just like all the our Scentsy wax melts. Anyway, because vanilla is a consumer favorite, both for eating and smelling, we think it’s a fragrance most of us like.