Orange Zest & Nectar Pet Shampoo

Orange Zest and Nectar Pet Shampoo by Scentsy


Product Brief Description

Make your pet smell as good as you and your home with one 16oz. bottle of authentic Scentsy, “Orange Zest & Nectar Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo.” Good for cats, dogs and other pets. Probably not for your pet lizard though! 😉

Additional Product Information

Our Scentsy Orange Zest & Nectar Pet Shampoo smells like oranges, nectar and a light touch grain. Clean and moisturizes while helping with itchy and dry skin. Oh, it won’t hurt people skin either.

Our customers are loving these new Scentsy pet products and the scented pet shampoo is the most popular. Still not sure which fragrance will be the top seller. We’ve been trying to ask our cat which one she like best, but she’s not responding for some reason?? She just has a thing against baths!