Cherry Blossom & Mango Pet Shampoo


Scentsy Pet Shampoo called “Cherry Blossom & Mango Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo”. Make your dog, cat or other pet look terrific and smell as good as you! Do not use this product on your pet fish. 🙂
16 Fl Oz

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This Cherry Blossom & Mango Pet Shampoo moisturizes shampoo and includes aloe, sunflower oil and colloidal oatmeal. This will help to condition and relieve dry itchy skin. Once done, your dog will look great and smell terrific!

DIRECTIONS: First, water your dog down with luke warm water. Apply shampoo just like you would to your own hair. massage it around a bit, then rinse thoroughly. Be prepared to hold your dog still and dry off with a nice towel. Even if you do a good job of it, the dog is likely going to shake anyway, so make sure you are wearing old clothes!

It’s suggested to try out the shampoo on a small part of your pet in advance. We’ve used this on our own dog and had no problems. Unfortunately, our dog never cared for baths!